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Can I write under a pseudonym/pen-name?

By Vlad Bourceanu
Posted Mar 31, 2010 in
I intend to write articles on a variety of subjects. Some of those will be about classical music, the area in which I work.
If I write certain opinion-based reviews and articles under my own name, I will be shot down in my profession very fast, particularly if I have to criticize influential performers, no matter how fair and well-deserved the criticism be.
The only way I have gotten around that so far is by working under a pen-name.
Would it therefore be possible for me to work both under my own name AND under my pen-name here, and to switch between the two at will? I have articles that I wish to post under my own name (the non-classical-music-related stuff), and others that I would very much like to use the pen-name for (mostly the classical music articles and reviews).
Please let me know if you can help.

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