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Ghostly construction site - Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz
Posted Mar 30, 2010 in Business
This ghostly construction site is not a hard place to spot. It's located some 200 metres from the heart of the city of Port Coquitlam, BC, at the intersection of Hawthorne and always busy Shaughnessy Street.
As far as I can remember the things, I spotted the site some time at the end of September 2009. I can easily venture to say that nothing has changed since that time.
The area of approximately 50x150 metres has been very well fenced and still remains to be that way. There's a huge rectangle hole dug on the entire area of a depth of around 1.5m with the sides very well reinforced with concrete blocks. The bottom of it is covered with loose gravel that must have been brought there by someone and spread pretty evenly so some costly and extensive preparation pre-construction works have been done. Some larger areas of the lower floor are covered by patches of water from rainfalls, some parts of the concrete walls are covered with graffiti which gives an impression to a visitor that something has been stopped here some time in the past and nobody is looking after that area anymore. There's a sign with the name of the construction site, builder/developer, their contact numbers and the website address, there's information of something "coming soon" but after a half a year nothing's been happening in that location.
Fenced hole  actually pretty big one...
Fenced hole, actually pretty big one...
The cars pass the area, people walk up and down and live across the street but nothing's coming there, at least there's no sign of it.
I am then calling the company, Avanti Living, to get the first hand information of what's out there happening but after two attempts I get the same information, "the telephone number you have dialed is not assigned". Next to the big billboard, there's another one providing information about a nearby set of town houses to sell. I am calling the real estate agent who represents the near-by Station Hill Condo and says that everything has been stalled already on that construction site and he cannot provide any credible information about current update of projects there and the future of what was supposed to come soon.
Graffiti on the hole s wall.
Graffiti on the hole's wall.