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Wrestlemania 26

By Greg Jordan
Posted Mar 29, 2010 in Sports
Another year in the books for the WWE. I have been a fan now for 25 Years. I am not a die hard like some people but do enjoy the humour and story lines that this corporation has created. Yesterday I did notice that it is not as big as it use to be with the Hulk Hogan era. I tried everywhere to go see the biggest wrestling event in sports entertainment. I live in Hamilton Ontario and went downtown to Toronto Ontario to a local Sports Bar called Hoops. The bar did a fantastic job and had a great turnout with many screens to watch the big event. ( Amazing Audio as well ) This may be the place I watch my next few Wrestle-mania unless it hits Toronto again. Both Wrestle-manias in Toronto I went to see it live. Here are the top 3 matches and the 3 Disappointments
Last Nights Top 3
1) Shawn Micheals VS Undertaker - What a perfect way to finish a brilliant career of the Heart Break Kid. Undertaker as usual won raising his record to 18-0 and no WWE superstar will ever reach this plateau.
2) John Cena VS Batista - The 2 Biggest Names in the WWE at this time had a back and forth battle where Cena won after a long fought Fight.
3) Randy Ortorn VS Ted Dibease VS Cody Rhodes - Excellent battle that really ended any ties to Evolution. Randy Orton is the Future of the WWE and did not disapoint with his great moves and personality that has been missing for a while. People love to hate him but loves what he brings with his CHarcter.
Biggest Disappointments
1) Bret Hart VS Vince - The owner that screwed Bret was destroyed last night and it was my biggest disappointment of the night. It started really good with Vince coming out that he payed the whole family off but then had no back up and was just destroyed. I know Bret is not the Hitman of the past but they should have not made it so one sided.
2) Triple H VS Shamis - The Game never losing to much - Time to let and upcoming superstar win and build for the future. The greatest names in the WWE have done it eg. Shawn Micheals. He should have lost stepped away for a bit. Then came back bigger then ever.
3) The Tag Team Title Match - Not very excited.
Lets here what the world is watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What did you think ?

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