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Gen. Petraeus Calls Iran a 'Thugocracy'

By Johnny Simpson
Posted Mar 9, 2010 in World
An interesting report from AFP just made my day: Iran officials lash out at 'thug' Petraeus. It seems the eminently democratic and libertarian Islamist regime in Iran is upset that Gen. Petraeus. He said Iran is becoming a 'thugocracy' given its attempts to suppress popular anger over the disputed June elections. He says disputed. I say stolen. But at least we both see eye to eye now that Iran is a thugocracy.
News flash, General: I've been calling Islamist Iran a thugocracy for at least a decade now, because that's exactly what it is and has been for thirty long hellish years. If it walks, talks, acts, imprisons, rapes, tortures and murders like a thugocracy, guess what? It's a thugocracy. I have opposed the foul butchering terrorist regimes in Iran since the Revolution and Hostage Crisis. I know a thugocracy when I see one, and I have seen far too much evidence of that from Islamist extremist Iran in my adult lifetime, from Israel to Lebanon to the Argentina terror attacks in 1994.
As proof of my claim, allow me to link some past DJ articles in which I used that very term based on Iran's abysmal human rights record both within and without the Islamist Republic. The first, from March 18, 2009, even uses the term 'thugocracy' in the title:
Why it is now time to declare war on Iran's Hitlerite thugocracy
I posted that oped when the regime was still using Roxana Saberi as the string with which to toy with we American cats, as is their wont and has been since the 1979 Hostage Crisis. That is really the only one I need to post, as all other Iranian thugocracy opeds are linked within. It remains highly relevant, perhaps even more so as things have only gotten worse in Iran since with the persecution, torture and state-sponsored murders of the Green protesters, not to mention the accelerating nuclear program. Iran's nuclear bomb clock is ticking. Can anyone really dispute that given the overwhelming evidence? Obama doesn't.
Here is one of my first reports at DJ on Iran's horrific human rights abuses, from May 17, 2008: Disturbing video of young Iranian woman arrested for 'clothing violation'. That piece is now at 7300-plus page views. If you need more proof of how thuggish the regime gets even over dress codes, look no further. The woman's screams alone should make you ill. If you have any human feelings whatsoever, it should also enrage you. At minimum, it at least validates the thugocracy moniker. It is well-earned through the spilling of an ocean of innocent blood. The regime is suspected of murdering over 100,000 of its own citizens. That's beside all the terror attacks by proxies Hamas and Hezbollah outside its borders, as in Argentina in 1994. Or its violent meddling in Afghanistan and Iraq today, which has cost the lives of hundreds of Allied soldiers.
It is very refreshing that highly public figures like Gen. Petraeus are finally calling the regime for what it is. I could only hope Obama approved him saying that, because I doubt Petraeus would have without the White House's okay. I do have my doubts, but on this issue, however, I will give the President the benefit of the doubt. Even the sleepiest of political souls wake up when they're doused with enough ice water.
So there it is. The Islamist regime in Iran is a thugocracy. But don't take my word for it. Take it from Gen. Petraeus. I do believe his words carry weight and authority that far exceed mine. I wonder if this is how Churchill felt when those around him finally woke up to the dangers of the Hitlerite thugocracy of his day. I only hope it's not too late as it was for Churchill, Britain and Europe in 1940. Thugocracies have a tendency to lay waste to their enemies in pursuit of megalomaniac goals, yet another term that fits Iran's Islamist iron fist like a glove. If you don't believe the megalomania claim, here's a reminder: Twelfth Imam, anyone?

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