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Veterans In Politics Talk Show and Judicial Endorsement Interview

By Steve W. Sanson
Posted Feb 14, 2010 in World
RE: Veterans In Politics Talk Show and Judicial Endorsement Interview
Veterans In Politics Talk Show Introduces Suzan Baucum and Josh Kunis Judicial Candidate:
Our Listeners for the month of January are 127,190 thousand: Thank You:
Listen to: Deborah "The Banker" Vick with her weekly update on the foreclosure market:
Special Guest Host: Terri Coronado-Dunn
February 20:: Suzan Baucum Esq. Candidate for Clark County Justice of the Peace Department 13::
Josh Kunis Esq. Candidate for Clark County District Court Judge Department 31::
"Veterans In Politics" is a weekly radio show produced by the Veterans In Politics International and hosted by Steve Sanson and co-hosted by Jim Jonas on
The "Veterans In Politics" show is live every Saturday 2:05 PM Pacific Time you can call in and speak to the guest or/and hosts at (702) 309-6690.
*If you would like to be a guest on our show please contact email:
If you would like to visit any of our archived interviews or find out who is going to be interviewed next;
The Candidates that are listed has RSVP and will only be considered for an endorsement.
We are only considering the endorsement of the following sixteen seats, (7) District Court, (4) Family Court, and (5) Justice of the Peace. At this time the deadline to RSVP has past and we will not consider any other candidates at this time.
Name District Court Elected Seat RSVP Date
Time 8:15
Gloria Sturman District Court Judge Department 26 1/26
Kurt Kay Harris 2/12
Time 8:45
Nancy Allf District Court Judge Department 27 1/26
Blaine Beckstead 1/27
Time 9:15
Ron Israel District Court Judge Department 28 1/26
Jack Howard 1/27
Lucinda Coumou 2/07
Time 9:45
Susan Scann District Court Judge Department 29 1/27
Judge Kenneth Pollock 2/10
Time 10:15
Michael Davidson District Court Judge Department 30 1/26
Jerry Wiese 1/26
Patricia “Trish” Palm 2/09
Craig Friedberg 2/11
Time 10:45
Marc Risman District Court Judge Department 31 1/26
Phil Dabney 1/27
Joanna Kishner 1/29
Josh Kunis 1/31
Time 11:15
Bob Bare District Court Judge Department 32 2/08
Ellen Stoebling 2/11
Name Family Court Elected Seat RSVP Date
Time 11:45
Judge Steve Jones Family Court Judge Department C 1/27
Maria Maskall 2/01
Denise A. Pifer 2/10
Time 12:15
Eccles John Family Court Judge Department F 1/26
Judge Bill Gonzalez 1/26
Ellen J. Bezian 2/02
Time 12:45
Ethan Kottler Family Court Judge Department S 1/26
Greta Muirhead 1/26
Vincent Ochoa 1/27
Nathan R. Gibbs 2/11
Time 1:15
John Jensen Family Court Judge Department T 1/26
Michele “Shell” Mercer 1/28
Carl F. Piazza 2/02
Terrance Marren 2/07
Name Justice of the Peace Elected Seat RSVP Date
Time: 1:45
Lary Lamoreux Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Dept. 3 1/26
Janiece Marshall 1/29
Judge Tony Abbatangelo 2/11
Time: 2:15
William Kephart Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Dept. 6 1/26
Kristine Kuzemka 2/01
Time 2:45
Robert Kurth Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Dept. 7 2/01
Judge Karen Bennett 2/08
Time 3:15
Suzan Baucum Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Dept. 13 2/01
Richard Scow 2/01
Frank Coumou 2/08
James Leslie Gubler 2/10
Time 3:45
Conrad Hafen Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Dept. 14 2/01
Bernie Zadrowski 2/01
As of 02/13
Candidates that are up for election: 58 (4 are from Searchlight)
Candidates that has RSVP: 46
We have a very good track record of getting our nonpartisan winners elected. In 2008 we endorsed 22 judicial candidates in the primaries and 17 was elected see for yourself go to
We are the only Veterans group that endorsed candidates, we are one in few groups that endorse candidates in the primaries, we are the only political group that present endorsements and market our endorsed winners, and we are the only group that video tape and audio tape our interviews for rebroadcasting.
We didn’t get this far because we don’t believe in what we do. We realize that judicial candidates lack name recognition unless you are a sitting judge. We do not automatically endorse incumbents or veterans; we put everyone on an equal field and then decide who we would like to represent the people of Nevada.
Again our endorsement interviews are on Saturday February 20th at the Marine Corps League Leather Neck Club 4360 West Spring Mountain Road north east corner of Spring Mountain and Arville in the same Shopping Center as American Shooters for more direction call
702 368 1775.

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