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Utah Jazz are playing an exciting tune

By Michael Ngugi Kimani
Posted Feb 2, 2010 in Sports
As the second half of this incredible NBA season continues to lose its freshness, the dust on the court that is being formed by amazing top flight actions is not likely to settle down. One of the several teams that has been in the center of producing this dust is the Utah Jazz.
Much of the first half of this season the Jazz was struggling to get themselves inside the playoff zone. On the flip side of passed first half, the Jazz is playing a tune that is hard to ignore listening to it. With six successive wins so far, the Jazz have gotten closer to the inner core area of the Western Conference, to a point which they are jointly sharing the third position with the Mavericks. If they keep up this tempo their northwest division rivals the Denver Nuggets will have something to think about.
Its on this notion that I am compelled to say that the Jazz have added a four letter word at the middle of the tag ‘Playoff contender’ to read ‘Playoff firm contender’. To boost their credibility, the Jazz has shown enough character by recording vital wins against the big names in the leagues such as the Cavaliers and the Lakers.
Critics wont fail notice that they have had some surprising loses as well, the major one being against the Minnesota Timber wolves. Therefore the big question is, will the Jazz be the team to watch as the season progresses or will the challenges ahead take a toll on them?
This month they have begun on a winning note against the Dallas Mavericks and looking at their unpredictable schedule in the remaining games, they have crucial games that will either prove or disapprove their credibility in remaining at the top third of their conference standings. None of those games will be characterized with so much pressure as the one they will be up against the Nuggets, who are the only team that has inflicted three loses to them.
Towards the end of the 90s the Jazz were a force to recon with, going as far as reaching the NBA finals on two consecutive years i.e. 1997 and 1998. Since then, good times have never been really experienced to match a similar achievement. Most people believe that the best ever-dynamic duo to ever emerge in the league came from the Jazz franchise in the form of John Stockton and Karl Malone, who are both retired.
Seeing Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer on the court together without a doubt reminds us of that unforgettable dynamic duo. The partnership of Boozer and Williams holds the key to unlocking the Jazz’s probability of bring back the good old times. The strings the two are currently pulling are steering the Jazz in the right direction, we can all hope that they have enough left in the tank.

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