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Notable ups and downs of the second quarter of this NBA season

By Michael Ngugi Kimani
Posted Jan 24, 2010 in Sports
The second quarter of this ever-intriguing NBA season is officially over. The Lakers and Cavaliers are occupying the top position while the Minnesota Timber wolves and the New Jersey Nets are stuck at the bottom of the Western and Eastern conference standings respectively.
The same script was played twice but by different cast. The first one was seen when the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Boston Celtics at home and away. Secondly, the Cleveland Cavaliers used the same script to defeat the La Lakers at home and away.
The Charlotte Bobcats hopes of attaining their debut playoff spot are still alive. Looking at what the Bobcats have accomplished, they have every reason to remain hopeful.
NBA commissioner Mr. Stern bans Gilbert Arena indefinitely due to a bizarre gun incidence that took place inside the Washington Wizards locker room.
A Utah Jazz Rookie by the name Sundiata Gaines hits a buzzer shot that wins the game against the Cavaliers. Speaking of rookies, the No 1 draft Griffin will not be playing for the Clippers due to his injury.
The New Jersey Nets are still losing most of their games however they shared this disheartening spotlight with the Detroit Pistons who lost 13 straight games.
Questions to be answered in the third quarter
The first quarter MVP belonged to Kobe, the second quarter MVP belonged to Le Bron James. Who between the two will take the third quarter or should we expect another name?
No player has scored 50 or more points this year, will these be achieved in the third quarter?
Kevin Garnett will be back in the Celtics lineup very soon after an injury layoff. Will the Celtics reclaim the top of the Eastern Conference rankings?
If the Bobcats road to reaching the playoff is somehow based on factors remaining constant, how will they cope with the inconstant factors, should they arise?
Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson are in the all star starting lineup, whether they deserve to be there or not, its now beside the point. The on point matter at hand is, will they be the heroes or the weaklings when the East meets the West in the all-star game?

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