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Abraham Lincoln and Anger

By Steven Z.K. Nickels
Posted Jan 23, 2010 in Lifestyle
It is said that Abraham Lincoln was a rather reserved fellow, was slow to anger and kept a pretty good rein on his tongue when he did get upset.
It is also told that one way he used to deal with anger or frustration was to sit down, take out paper and pen and write a sometimes quite sharp-tongued letter to the transgressor.
After putting down his thoughts on the matter and allowing the anger and frustration to flow from his pen tip and onto the paper, he might fold the letter up and put it in his pocket, or he might put the letter in his desk drawer for the time being.
Then he would feel better after he vented his feelings towards some cabinet-member or Army General and get satisfaction that he had given them a good "chewing out" in his letter.
It is said that, then a few days later, Lincoln would retrieve the letter from his coat pocket or the desk drawer and toss it into the trash, thankful that he hadn't rushed off the letter while he was angry.
Sometimes that little lesson that Lincoln is said to have used might serve all of us well. I know it does me, even though my frustration "letters" are all electronic now. But the vast majority of the time, i'm glad I didn't hit the "send" button after I wrote it.

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