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Indian Hockey- Why create a crisis and the do Fire Fighting?

By v HariHaran
Posted Jan 15, 2010 in Sports
It is indeed a great relief that the standoff between the Indian hockey players and the HI has been amicably settled, with the promise of Rs one crore offered by Sahara India the sponsors and at the intervention of Suresh Kalmadi, the chairman of Indian Olympic committee.
It is high time that the authorities including SAI, Ministry for sports, etc etc make a self introspection as to why things get precipitated to such an extent that they have to do fire fighting. It is a known fact that in India so much of disparity exists between Cricket and other sports. Cricketers are pampered beyond limits. Other sports and games do not get a fraction of recognition as for Cricket, resulting in the morale of players getting affected , and enthusiasm lost to take up other games by youngsters as a profession etc.
If the hockey players have been denied the promised money after they won one the international tournament, then they have been cheated. It is also known that the office bearers of these organisations are not that straightforward and misappropriate the funds and show that they do not have funds. Otherwise why somuch of clamour for getting elected as office bearers for the various national and state sporting organisations? So I feel that our hocky players had to go to the extent of striking after getting their patience stretched beyond limits.I see nothing wrong in it and I do not consider it as arm twisting.
With so many corporates and corporate Barons around and the film stars ,who can afford to buy cricket teams for T20 Cricket at exhorbitant cost,through bidding,why cannot they comeforward to support the national team for Hockey for the world cup? (Incidentally the T20 format of Cricket is really spoiling the true technicalities of the game is another point. It has become a commercial affair with glamour ,and true dedication to the game is getting lost).Sharukh Khan has given a lip sympathy by stating that he wants the standoff to come to an end and things settled amicably which is niether this way nor that way. Why could he not offer some support knowing that he claims to be a hockey enthusiast and acted as a big coach for Indian girls hocky team in film "Chak De India".
If we want to make our mark and regain our lost glory in Hockey, where we have still some strength, keep politics off,let there be dedicated office bearers to handle the affairs, and serve the sport of Hockey with all earnestness and sincerity and true involvement.
Is Mayawathi UP Chie Minister going to give Rs Five crores or was it a just an offer off the cuff? If our cricketers are going to give Rs 1 crore we should be happy and thank the Indian Cricketers. Why not BCCI shed a miniscule of their fat by supporting the cause? After all they are veying with Thirumala Devastanam as to who is more rich?

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