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The Rooney Rule Dilemma

By Kristofor Molson
Posted Jan 14, 2010 in Sports
There are a lot of things that comes to mind when I think of the "Rooney Rule", first I think of affirmative action and the problem it has caused America due to a certain quota that has to be met and the way it singles out the wrong people. Then I think of the people who are over looked or just brought in to comply with the law. The Rooney rule is a rule set by the NFL that organizations need to interview at least one minority candidate before making its hire of who they really want.
That's the reason why I'm set on both sides of the "Rooney Rule" fence. The rule has helped coaches like Pittsburgh's Head Coach Mike Tomlin and ex Cleveland Browns' coach Romeo Crennel receive a job they might not have even been offered. , especially with the rule being named after the Pittsburgh Steelers' former owner Dan Rooney. The rule opens the door for true diversity in the league, but at the same time throws a dark cloud on the rule.
The "Rooney Rule" showed its true colors when two coaches were hired basically without any real chance of hiring a minority head coach. The Seattle Seahawks went straight for Pete Carroll after they fired their head coach Jim Mora and the Washington Redskins quickly hired former Denver Broncos' coach Mike Shanahan after Jim Zorn was abruptly shown the door. Both teams barely gave a minority coach a shot.
That's the problem right there, the Seahawks and the Redskins had to follow a formality which was more disrespectful than to not even interview a minority coach. The Seahawks brought in Minnesota Vikings' defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier just to comply with the "Rooney Rule". There was no real chance of him getting the position, but the Seahawks made sure to tell him that he had a real chance at filling it and all along they wanted Pete Carroll.
If a team knows who they want to hire I feel they should be allowed to hire that coach as soon as possible. They shouldn't have to comply with some rule just to interview a minority they really don't even want for the job. If there's a head coach with three Super Bowl rings and a minority head coach with none, most likely the coach with the rings will get the job. The "Rooney Rule" should be changed in a way that won't seem like a spit in the face to minority coaches. If there is an open position that won't be filled for over a couple weeks then the rule should take affect, but if the job is almost filled before its even open then the rule should be ruled out.

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