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Do We Really Have a National Champion?

By Kristofor Molson
Posted Jan 11, 2010 in Sports
After the Texas Longhorns were dismantled by the top ranked Alabama Crimson Tide I wonder would things have been different if another undefeated team were to replace the Longhorns. Of course it wasn't that good of a game with Texas quarterback Colt McCoy being put out of the game early, but I wanted to see a better game.
With Boise State being the second team to go 14-0 in NCAA football history I feel they should at least get a share of the national championship title with the Crimson Tide of Alabama, but they won't. They won't because the teams that are not in a so called "Power Conference" could not get the respect they deserve. Boise State has won a Fiesta Bowl before and also has beaten plenty of top ranked teams over the past six years.
There were five undefeated teams that went to BCS bowl games and three were from non BCS conferences, but for some reason only the two BCS conference teams were put in the national championship game. That’s cool with me, but why did TCU and Boise State have to play each other? The games could have gone totally different to give Boise State or TCU a shot at a share of the national championship if they beat Iowa or Georgia Tech and then there is the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl shouldn't be in the BCS due to only a Pac-10 or Big Ten team will be able to make it.
That's why I propose a playoff. I know a lot of people agree and some won't just because of the money, but no money will be lost, maybe gained. My playoff system will eliminate the long layoff between regular season and bowl season, but will probably end the college season later. Every Bowl game except for the four BCS bowl games will be played before January 1. After that the BCS playoff starts, each winner of those bowl games advance to the next round and so on till two teams are left, so 8 teams to 4 teams to 2 and the winner of that is the defacto national championship.
Like always that plan is too simple for people to understand and too easy for the big wigs to approve. This is better than the plus one game and the regular BCS crap they have now. I feel every Division I team should be able to make it to the BCS national championship game. If their not going to have that chance to make it to championship game then put them in the sub bowl division formally known as Division II. Everyone hates the BCS system and it is extremely flawed because unless it is only two teams that are undefeated at the end of the season we have no real national championship.

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