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Golf 101 "Learn to Take a Divot"

By Jason Blonder
Posted Jan 10, 2010 in Sports
Golf 101 "Learn to Take a Divot"
By Jason Blonder
One of the most important concepts every golfer wants to learn is what I call Golf 101 "Learn to Take a Divot". For one simple reason it is crucial to take a divot to hit a solid shot is because of the design of a golf club. The goal is to hit the ball on the center of the clubs face. In order for the ball to strike the center, the
clubs head must get under the ball and into the
ground. I want everyone at home to do an
experiment. Take your 9 iron, and place a ball on
the center of the club face. Then look at how much of the clubs face must get under that ball to get to
its center. It should be about a half inch, so a divot
is needed.
Now you are asking, "Great, How do I take a divot.
when ever I try to take a divot I hit 3 inches behind the ball." The reason I believe most golfers are not able to take a divot properly is because they haven't practiced trying to take a divot. Many golfers are so concerned with striking that little white ball that they don't even concentrate on hitting the ground. Improving your swing technique can lead to a more descending strike which creates the proper divot strike. I also feel it is just as important practicing taking divots. The divot drill is a great way to get better, and to my surprise is my number one watched instructional drill.
The next time you are watching a PGA event on television I want you to pay close attention to the impact each player makes. All day long you will see divots with irons, and even woods. What you will also notice that when the player is using a wedge or mid iron the divots will be much bigger than when they use a long iron, or wood. The only club in the bag that doesn't take a true divot is the driver. Instead the club just lightly sweeps the ground and breaks the tee. Now not every great player sweeps with the driver, but I will discuss this in a future article. The best book I ever read on how to improve your impact is "The Impact Zone - Golf's Moment of Truth" by Bobby Clampett. This is a great book, and it is sold in my online store.

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