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Coast to coast for Elsa Newman and sons

By Jeri Lee-Hostetler
Posted Jan 6, 2010 in Crime
On November 20, 2009, Aine O'Brocken of Amboy, Washington left home to travel across the United States, literally from coast to coast and border to border, to publicize the unjust imprisonment of Elsa Newman in the state of Maryland--and to protest as well the fact that Newman's two wonderful sons are, by default, living in the custody of a man they have accused of molesting them.
My intention here is to document the progress and the process of this journey on behalf of a woman who has been in prison for eight years or more for a crime committed and admitted to be someone else, a crime to which Newman herself had absolutely no connection. There was no evidence against Newman...none...not a bit...zilch.
What there was against Newman was one of the top prosecutors in the country, one Katherine Winfree, a woman determined to and capable of winning a conviction and sending Newman to prison--despite Newman's innocence.
Why am I doing this, instead of Aine herself? She can't get back into her Digital Journal account. Her email address has changed. She cannot remember her old password...and thus cannot gain access to her account. Frustration of the highest order!
Having said that, I think I am ready to admit that Jeri Lee-Hostetler and Aine O'Brocken are, in fact. one and the same. Yup! It's me...just using an "FKA" and a different account so I can get back on here. And I guess that means I'd best begin writing in first person, rather than in third. goes. On November 20, 2009, I left Amboy, Washington in my motor home--which my friends call the "motor kennel" since I travel in the company of 13 small dogs: eleven pug in a tuxedo, also known as "The Boston Terrorist"...and one small fellow named Gizmo who is half pug and half chihuahua.
At Thanksgiving, I spent a week with my daughter and her family in Post Falls, Idaho. From there I took one of my grandchildren with me and drove to the Canadian border to pick up a small rock. If I am going to say "coast to coast and border to border" then I will do exactly that, since the trip actually began on the Washington coast...then went to the Canadian border, as mentioned...then will go to the Gulf, as the southern border...and on to Maryland, where I will visit the coast and have the privilege of meeting Elsa Newman, the woman for whose freedom I am campaigning.
At the moment I sit at a computer in a wonderful library in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am here after traveling through Idaho...Washington...Oregon...Utah...Nevada...California...and now Arizona, where I am handing out brochures containing Elsa's story and asking people to put her story on their own blogs or Facebook accounts or Twitter or whatever they use.
The only really bad thing that has happened is that my petition for Elsa, on the petition site, has been closed. I have written to Care2 and pled with them to reopen it.
And if the administrators of the site do reopen the petition, please visit and sign in support of Elsa and her sons. You can make a comment or not--as you choose. And while you must use your name when you sign, you can ask that your name not be displayed publicly on the site. Some people seem far more comfortable with this. And it helps Elsa and me just as much as any other signature.
Here is my original blog site, where you can read this whole disgusting story of this miscarriage of what passes for justice in Maryland:
And here is the petition site, in case I can get the problems with said petition straightened out:
More later about my travels. I think I've been encountering angels--OK...they've been in human form, but they are angels, nevertheless!
That's thirty for now. More later when I have more time on the computer. and light to all who read this.
And please encourage Care2 to open the petition once again--and then please sign.
If Elsa Newman were a polar bear or other animal worthy of human sympathy, she would have thousands of signatures on this petition...but, alas, she is a mere human being and thus has been deemed worthy of only a few more than 300 signatures.