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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author steps out of comfort zone to make first book sale

By Dorothy Thompson
Posted Dec 27, 2009 in Entertainment
Caridad Pineiro
New York Times and USA Today bestseller Caridad Pineiro is known for her wonderful vampire books. In 1999, her first novel was released and a decade later, she became the author of over twenty novels and novellas.
Her trip to that first novel being published and later making it to the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists began after the birth of her daughter. It was then she decided to try and publish the one book she had been working on for all that time.
She took an adult education class with Fern Michaels who liked her voice and was kind enough to send that first book to her publisher. However, it wasn’t quite right for them even though they knew she had promise and therefore gave her some suggestions as to what she should write.
She went home and started writing. Three years later, she sent them another book but it wasn’t right for them again. Even though they were looking for a particular kind of novel for a new line and sent her their guidelines, she had already started work on a new book and realized that with some changes, it could fit in with their guidelines.
“After revising the first few chapters and the synopsis,” she says, “I sent it off and to my surprise and delight, they acquired the book and a second novel. In the next year, I would sell that publisher six books, but to my dismay, that wonderful line closed down.”
Caridad didn’t know what to do at that point. “I found myself in a dark mood which actually fit what I was writing – a dark story about an FBI Agent and a vampire,” she says. “I had decided after writing eight contemporary romances that I had to try something different – hence, the vampire book.”
Her gamble happened at the wrong time. No one was buying paranormals and vampire books in 2002/2003, but she kept on writing and without a contract, she completed the book.
One day at a conference, she ran into an editor she knew. “He asked what I was working on and I told her,” she says. “I also told her the book was not for her company since they didn’t publish that kind of novel. She said, ‘Send it.’
“I did despite my misgivings, but am I glad that I did. They bought that first book and released it as Darkness Calls. It became the first book in The Calling Vampire novels.
“Stepping out of my comfort zone helped me not only write a book of my heart and sell it, but also let me discover a new writing voice – my paranormal suspense voice.
“My twenty-fourth novel, Sins of the Flesh, is another paranormal suspense. One which examines what happens when humans are scarier than monsters and real life seems more unbelievable than fiction. It’s the next step in my career and I hope it’s a book that launches me down yet another road of discovery.”
Caridad Pineiro's latest book, Sins of the Flesh, is published by Grand Central Publishing. You can visit her website at [url=]

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