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By R. C. Camphausen
Posted Dec 20, 2009 in World
Gina Cloud
A New Definition
Booksurge, 2009
paperback, 92 pages, color illustrations
As the subtitle promises, Gina Cloud's W.O.M.A.N. presents the reader with a redefinition of what each and every Woman could be: a Wild, Open, Magical, Authentically-empowered Nectar being - if only women themselves, and the society they live in, would let and encourage them to be thus self-fulfilled.
The book is a remarkable manifesto, written by a sparkling personality with a passionate voice; a mixture of daring vision, personal experience and a sharp, critical eye for the many facets of our society that seem to conspire to keep woman confined to a very limited set of stereotypes.
The author shows how, if WOMAN would redefine herself according to this new vision, she would rather be dancing wildly than be a 'good girl', would love and nurture her own self as well as others, could liberate herself from the various straight jackets that have been imposed not only by patriarchy but also by feminism, by the medical profession as well as the mainstream media, by church, state, neighbors, mothers, fathers and - worst of all - by the very men who profess to love Her.
This book is a perfect gift ... for yourself and others. Read it once, read it twice, and then leave it someplace where it will be found by husbands, lovers, sons or daughters. W.O.M.A.N. is mainly written for women, of course, but there's much in it all genders should know ...
Review by Rufus