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My fish bowl life

By Sharon Johnson
Posted Dec 11, 2009 in Lifestyle
After being on Facebook awhile I got in contact with old friends that I knew since childhood. They brought up old memories. One memory many had of me were, me being up all hours of the night, mostly weekends or summertime, and sleeping in until PM. I realized that I waisted a lot of time growing up. I should've used my time more wisely to educate myself and prepare myself for the future. But I was a kid and didn't know to do that. I was the baby of the family and knew how to weasel my way out of having to do work etc. To put it plain and simple, I was pretty lazy. Don't get my wrong, I did accomplish some things in my life like a bachelor's degree, marriage, three children, and stuff like that. I was just not prepared for what I now have to face. I have been struggling to learn how to keep the household moving smoothly. I need to be more organized and redeem the time. I need to set my goals and actually get them done. My problem is I do set a lot of goals but at many times don't fallow through. I need to take a step back I guess you can say. Basically, I have to play catch up now and learn certain values, while my children are still young enough that I can pass it on to them. That way when they become an adult they will have less obstacles to overcome. With more structure in my life it will also help my middle son. As I had said in my last blog he was diagnosed with mild to moderate traditional autism. He is very loving and has a sweet disposition. His biggest problem is he has trouble verbally communicating with us. They say that having a schedule will help him through it. I do have many goals that I want to set for this year. These things will improve my mind, my surroundings, and those that I love.
My goals:
1. To get a part time job to help with the family finances. I want to help us attempt to get out of debt in a year and clear up our credit. It will be hard work but it is doable. Our move five years ago from California to Maryland messed some of our credit up. I can't do a full time job because my sons are still too young and it would result in paying daycare to work. So more money would end up going out instead of coming in. Also transitions are harder for my middle son to deal with. It is better he is with family instead of daycare.
2. To get on a schedule.
3. To collect curriculum to teach my boys to prepare them for school. Especially a lot of visual learning materials for my middle child.
4. To potty train all three of my boys.
5. To organize my home better and improve the way I keep the household. It is clean but not as organized as it should be. I need a better system. Maybe by looking into getting matching furniture for the bedrooms and organizers for closets and shelves. I could put that into my goal of stuff to pay for with my part time job.
6. To read more about autism spectrum disorder.
7. To find a book on etiquette and learn from it. After I have learned it I hope to teach my family about it.
8. This last one is for me. To use my gym membership and train for the Baltimore half-marathon next October. It is a mini dream I keep saying I am going to do and that is why I got the gym membership a year ago to begin with. I am an ex-cross country runner and miss running.
I figure if I put these goals out there I am now obligated to attempt and accomplish them. With "my fishbowl life" I will tell you how I am accomplishing these goals and also tell you stories about my life past and present. I have had some crazy adventures in my life. Maybe letting you get to know me will help you understand where I am coming from as to why I am doing this. I do have one part of my goals already started. I did apply for a part time job that works around my husband's work schedule. Today they called me and I am now apart of their team. I start training next week and then the job officially starts in January. So now you know a little more about me and what my goals are. Hope you keep reading because it encourages me to keep going. Thank you to my readers!

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