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Do You Remember 09/11/2001?

By R. Francis Rubio
Posted Dec 2, 2009 in Politics
Last week the left along with the right were going crazy over the President's speech on Afghanistan, I just have two questions for everyone: #1 Do you remember all those people diving off the World Trade Center to avoid burning to death in favor of a quick death when they hit the ground? #2 Do you want everyone responsible to face justice?
I don't know about you but I want Bin Laden's head on a spit!
This is not about pro-war or anti-war, it's about justice and retribution.
In my opinion, if we don't finish the job in Afghanistan because of politics here in the United States then we are weak.
Now I'm not a war hawk, in fact when Bush won the election in 2000 the first thing I said was: "Before his first term we will be at war with Iraq" and that was the main reason I opposed his Presidency from the beginning. It turns out I was right but I never imagined 9-11 happening and that Bush/Cheney would use that horrible event to justify their ambition to invade Iraq and eliminate Saddam Hussein, but they did and in turn they let Bin Laden get away.
I watched all the news coverage after the Presidents speech and was appalled with the reason being, just because the last Administration left this Administration with a complete mess, we should not turn our back on the truth!
If we do not destroy Bin Laden and his movement (and this is not a religious war on our side) no matter what the cost, we are not fit to guide the world or our own destiny.
Our Country is about truth and justice with freedom for every human along with every peaceful human belief but if this "Son of a Bitch" gets away with killing close to 4,000 of our fellow Americans along with countless others in the world and we fail to stop him from continuing then shame on us!
I'm anti-war but I back my President 100% because I'm an American and I believe we are smarter than Bin Laden and I believe we are steady in our convictions while at the same time tolerant and respectful of others, unless provoked.
In our semi confused world Republicans say we can't afford heath care while at the same time Democrats say we can't afford the war. Well, I say we can't afford to give up on either. Sometimes you have to go for broke, just because it's the right thing to do.
I realize no one likes war but we must acknowledge the fact that if we back down and don't stop the few in this world that thrive on war, we will not be able to ignore them. We tried that and the innocent have been killed throughout history.
Bush and Cheney along with the neo-cons pushed our patients to the limit after they went into Iraq but now we are left with the decision whether or not to finish the conflict that Bin Laden started or let the mistakes of the previous Administration lead us to fail in out quest for semi-peace in this world.
All I ask is don't let Bin Laden win.

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