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Another Wrong Answer

By Kristofor Molson
Posted Nov 27, 2009 in Sports
After fourteen years of awesomeness Allen Iverson has chose to retire from the National Basketball Association. One of the greatest offensive scorers in the league, and lets not forget his dynamic defense. Iverson was a three time season leader in steals. He was quick to anticipate the passing lane, exploit it and get the steal for the lay up. Allen Iverson was a player that could score from all over the court and as a team leader put his body on the line to get that "and one".
This is the guy who crossed over Jordan and didn't just cross over Jordan, he made the shot. Allen single handily led the Seventy Sixers to the NBA finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. He was the only reason the Sixers won the first game and now after a couple appearances with a few teams Allen is being forced into retirement.
Look, no matter what anybody says I believe Allen when he says he still has some gas left in the tank. I know everybody else is arguing how when he was complaining about practice. Plus he didn't want to come off the bench and I feel he shouldn't have to. Depending on the team he goes to and I have three right answers for Allen Iverson. Number one, like I said before
if Allen was a Laker he would have to come off the bench and that wouldn't be a bad thing for him. If you look at the Laker games and you see Phil put the second unit in. The only person who can actually score right now is Odom and Shannon Brown when his three pointers are on. Allen would sure up that second unit by running the triangle like Kobe and score all his points in spurts and at the end of the game when the Lakers up by twenty. Plus he would probably start from time to time over Derek Fisher.
Second is the Cleveland Cavilers because they have no real two guard. I mean they start Anthony Parker. Put Delonte West on back up duty as he gets his self together and start Allen Iverson. Finally he could run the two and lead a surging Oklahoma Thunder. I know they are not a championship contender, but he could start there.
I understand why teams are apprehensive to sign him. They don't want Iverson to just be a cancer to their team and I know they've seen that Iverson is having a little trouble finishing around the rim. Allen Iverson shouldn't be sitting out this year or playing overseas in some European League. Iverson should be playing in the NBA continuing his legacy and fighting to win a championship. If Allen Iverson is the question, then retirement is another wrong answer for Allen Iverson.

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