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FIFA 10- there has never been a better time to play football

By feyi reports
Posted Nov 16, 2009 in Sports
To all you football hooligans out there, FIFA 10 has hit the bar of being the greatest football game out there!
Every year there is is competition between pro and FIFA. But, this year there is no doubt, FIFA 10 is out of this world. What does Fifa 10 have to offer, you ask. Well apart from the obvious, that you get to play it in a comfy home. With FIFA 10 you will get to take full control of spectacular players like Ronaldo, Messi, Torres and Rooney that will help you run circles around your opponents. This is arguable the finest game yet. Where you will get to play terrific tricks like kick-ups, around the world, headers, dribble and back heels that will wow your opponents. That is just the beginning, when playing FIFA 10 you get to become a legend footballer like Ian Wright who was a striker for the gunners, Arsenal. How often do you get to become a football legend? You be surprised when you get a whiff of how lifelike the players are and how remarkable the stadiums are like the Emirate stadium. The controls on the game will cause your players to triumph over your well-matched opponents, as they wont be able to get a grip of how amazing your football skills are. In addition, like most football games, FIFA 10 has witty commentary. The graphic has a picture perfect shot of all the beautiful stadiums, pitches and the players’ faces. The nation favourite football Players like kaka or Drogba will score you a win over you opponent as the graphic is crystal clear and it is just what the gamers like yourself have ordered.

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