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More than any person in history, Obama trashed a chance to create a gloriously better world.

By W. Christopher Epler
Posted Nov 1, 2009 in Politics
Obama had an astronomical mandate (and hence power) to change the human condition more than any person in history.
The Bush years were "hitting bottom" for America and Obama was elected to undo those years of horror. As just one example, he had a mandate to reinstate controls on America's financial infrastructure which were systematically removed, not only by the pugs, but also by that wolf in sheep’s clothing, Bill Clinton, who with the help of Rahm Emanuel (now Obama's chief of staff!) basically simply GAVE America to astronomically rich elites. Said differently, Rove wasn't Bush's brain, Bill Clinton was.
However, this tragedy extends to every aspect of human existence and the very life and death ecosystems of thousands of species on the Earth.
To use a cliché, Obama had a "window of opportunity" that incredibly stayed open for several months to save Democracy, Mother Nature, and the middle and lower classes. In a word, the human race.
But . . . it turns out he has less courage than a mouse and less conscience than a Republican.
His betrayal is virtually infinite, since he didn't only betray the people who elected him, he also betrayed the world community (excepting perhaps the lunatic right wing fringe of Israel -- remember his chief of staff) and the very planet. Indeed, as has been suggested, he may very well be the person who more than anyone in recorded history threw away the opportunity to engineer quantum jump rational/ethical social transformations and life and death intervention policies to save the dying ecology of much our one and only Earth.
He could have been a "tipping point" for social sanity, justice, science, and accountability as never before in history. Indeed, that's why we elected him!
But, that the window of opportunity is now tightly shut. Those Camelot changes which were within our grasp were simply flushed down the nearest toilet and now things are worse than ever, since to give just one example, the longer the economic infrastructure of America is allowed to be Clintonesque (i.e., totally unregulated) is the more difficult or impossible it will be to close that Pandora's Box of infinite greed.
It's agonizing to think what Obama "could" have done, and not only could have done, but would have done with a tsunami of American support.
Bush's bragging about a mandate in the 2004 stolen presidential election was simply predictable puke from a virtual anit-Christ, but, Obama's mandate in the 2008 presidential election was a POWER OF THE PEOPLE mandate and it demanded mutational changes in how Americans live and how we treat our desperately wounded planet. It was also a mandate which would have led to ripple effect international social transformations.
In short, it was a once in a millennia moment for the healing and growth of human civilization and the ending of accelerating planetary suicide.
It was also the opportunity to show that "politics" (to oversimplify) CAN be an agent of salvation and CAN manifest the will of the people.
. . . but instead, we got this jabbering hologram, Barack Obama, for whom there is no word in any language to describe the virtual infinity of his betrayal.
He was almost certainly bought off over and over again well before the primaries. So, like the would be elite Bill Clinton, he too gets to retire very, very rich.
However, he will never be rich in American (or even worldly) respect, no matter how his minions or masters attempt to spin history. The facts are A, B, C clear.
(A.) He was elected to take responsibility for a non violent social revolution.
(B.) That revolution could have saved democracy and the life and death ecosystems of our species and countless other species.
(C.) But he sold his soul to billionaire religious fanatics and the American Dictatorship of the Rich. In short, he sold his soul to The Beast. He sold his sold to the same "things" Bill Clinton sold his sold to. In short, he kissed the ring of George Bush.
Hopefully, Obama will mark the "end of politics". How much more proof do we need that the human condition is 100% up to each of us?
The sickness of establishment religion is that it claims we need a religious professional to intermediate between us and life. Spirituality is precisely liberation from that cowardly insanity, since truth transcends institutions and is one on one with each of us.
Exactly the same thing is true for social existence. "Politics" claims to be a necessary intermediary between us and civilization. Well, how's Obama holding up his end of this arrangement?
Samo, samo. Just like spirituality is liberation from establishment religions (really, just businesses frequently run my men in dresses), so is individual self responsibility liberation from the elite-invented game of politics. Clearly the only function of our ONE PARTY SYSTEM is to recycle the status quo, e.g., the Royal Bush Family, Paris Hilton, Rupert Murdoch, the Rothschild’s, etc., etc.
The more profoundly we realize we are 100% on our own, is the more we are empowered to change the what IS.
And Obama? Well, a walking spittoon come to mind.
W. Christopher Epler

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