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Shoot lots

By Ken Wightman
Posted Oct 18, 2009 in
If you are taking pictures, you are a photographer. If you are a photographer, you take lots of pictures. The world does not just happen for photographers, but they do not exactly control it either. The world happens and they anticipate and they react.
Check out this run of images, all shot yesterday on my way to the mall to buy new jeans. I saw the balloons and stopped for a quick picture. Hooked, I shot another. And then another. I never did get to the mall.
This is the attitude that you, when acting as a photojournalist, must bring to your news shoots. (Oh, all pictures were shot with a six-year-old Canon SD10 with a fixed 28mm lens. No zooms or big files that encourage bold cropping in the computer. No, the bold cropping is done while shooting.)
Ken Wightman
p.s. These pictures are appearing out-of-order. How do I modify the presentation to reflect the correct timeline of the shoot?