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By David Silverberg
Posted Sep 30, 2009 in Internet
So let's say you come across an article on you really like. It's intriguing, well-written, sidekicked with a great photo. You want to share it with friends and family.
Or let's say you wrote an article you can't wait to spread around the Web.
Lucky for you, gives you the chance to share the article far and wide. We have multiple ways to disseminate articles.
First, there's the SHARE button, found two lines below the headline, at the top left. Click the button to see many options to share the article, whether via email, Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. Included in this tool are popular sites such as Digg, MySpace, Stumbleupon, Blogger, Xanga, and Slashdot.
Second, offers a one-button option for sharing an article on Facebook. We realize how popular the social media platform has become in bringing news to people, so simply click SHARE ON FACEBOOK (beside the SHARE button). It will ask you to log into Facebook if you aren't already. Simply add a message, if you want, click Share and your Facebook Wall will feature the article.
Then there's Twitter. Also an extremely popular service, Twitter gives you the chance to send short statements to your "followers." Now you can tweet a article by clicking the green Retweet button on every article. What's also great is how this tool keeps track of all the retweets an article enjoys.
We also allow users to email articles using the simple EMAIL button, found beside the LISTEN button. You can enter up to 10 email addresses, but remember to separate them with commas. Add a message so your recepient understands why you sent the article, add your email addy if you want and then click SEND.
Note that blogs have limited sharing options. Best way to spread the word about blogs is the "Email this blog" tool found above the blog's headline.
Now you're familiar with all the ways to share articles on Don't be shy about publicizing an issue or interview subject you think the world needs to know about. Have fun!