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By David Silverberg
Posted Sep 16, 2009 in Internet
Recently, announced a bold initiative: allowing Digital Journalists to edit another writer's article. This tool for "crowdsourced editing" lets Digital Journalists click "Edit" on top of any article to fix typos, grammar or spelling errors.
So how does it work?
Let's say you are reading an article and you spot a spelling error, a missing word, a mix-up of the words "it's" and "its." Now you can be an editor -- simply click the orange EDIT button found at the top right of the article, and click on the "Make a revision" tab on top. You'll see fields for the headline, intro and body of the article.
You can write any changes you think are necessary and click "Submit revision". Boom, that's it!
Now the writer has to act on the revision. He/She received an email about the proposed changes and then the writer needs to accept or ignore the suggestions.
Note that this feature is available for anyone, not just approved Digital Journalists.
Why is this important? We want to give Digital Journal members more power to fine-tune the news they read. They should be part of the news-gathering process. This editing tool now allows writers to help each other in a seamless respectful manner. Essentially, the newsroom just added another layer of accuracy.
Let us know if you have any questions about this or any feature in the comments below.

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