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My Letter to Joe Scarborough on 4/13/07

By R. Francis Rubio
Posted Sep 6, 2009 in Entertainment
Dear Joe,
I'm writing this to you because I think you been fair in your coverage of the Imus mess. Al Sharpton said that Don Imus doesn't get it. He's right! Although Mr. Sharpton doesn't get it either as well as a lot of the baby boom generation. It took those ten young students to open my eyes.
Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Imus and most of their generation look at the Imus remarks through their own prism, their own life. The whites only signs, the civil rights movement, the pain and scars had by all that effect decisions, opinions and reactions.
There is a bright side to all of this! And here it is: The reason why these ten young student's shown such dignity and grace through this whole thing is because they get it!
They like most young people don't fully understand why the old folk are getting so upset. You see they are looking at this through their own prism, their own life. They don't see these words in the same painful light as the old folk do. They are for the most part COLOR BLIND, that's what we should focus on.
All the battles, pain and suffering during the civil rights movement is starting to pay off! Our children and their children are beginning to reap the rewards. There is a long way to go but this at least gives us some hope. Maybe those ten young students, and the rest of their generation, in time will help us all to come together, heal our wounds and at last finally get it.
Thank you, Ray, Florida
I wrote this letter to MSNBC two years ago about the controversy surrounding the disparaging remarks Don Imus made about the young African American women on a college basketball team. Now after the election of our new President in large part due to the youth vote we may be finally starting to get it.

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