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Angels Among Us??

By JoAnne Schlicker
Posted Jul 8, 2009 in World
Something really weird happened the other day and I still can't figure it out. I have a group on another website and call it "Angels and Miracles." It must have been on my mind a lot. People tell me that angels leave coins and feathers to show that they are there.
On the toilet tank, I decorated with a lacy cloth. I set a basket of flowers on one end and placed a cream colored ceramic bird near the basket. As far as I can tell, ceramic birds don't leave feathers, but I found a black feather with a white tip stuck in the cloth between the basket and the bird.
My husband denies all knowledge of this feather and no one else lives in my house except for Jonathan who we keep getting collection calls for, but never met. I went outside to see if the mail person left us anything and found a dime in front of the door. What do you think? Is an angel trying to tell me something?

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