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Canadian kid invents weird unicycle with two wheels

By David Silverberg
Posted May 2, 2008 in Technology
Unicycles are so 1920. Now a Canadian inventor wanted to refurbish the unicycle, adding a dash of motorcycle design and a touch of Segway functionality.
Ben Gulak designed a vehicle called theUno that is powered by an electric motor and controlled by the driver leaning into various directions. The wheels operate independently, so the Uno can turn on a dime.
Gulak is currently seeking investors in order to begin production.
Now that's a motorcycle you can fall in love with -- as long as you don't fall off it!
[via Core77]
The Uno  from Canadian Ben Gulak
Ben Gulak invented the Uno, a wildly inventive unicycle sporting two wheels and controls similar to Segway's.
Via Core77

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