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The 6,000 year old “Have” and “Have Not” War is now in our face.

By W. Christopher Epler
Posted May 16, 2009 in Science
The 6,000 number may be a trifle arbitrary, but when you consider the geologic blink of human history (the dinosaurs had the Earth for around 150 MILLION years!), Homo sapien prehistory begins a bare three or four thousand years before.
In other words, the "Have's" have owned the planet for most of recorded history. That's worth repeating. The "Haves" have owned the planet for most of recorded history.
Today we call them elites or Haves; before we called them Kings and Queens or Emperors or Kaisers or living Egyptian Gods. Lots of synonyms for masters and slaves, and if you don't think creatures like Paris Hilton or Paul McCartney (with his hoarded billions) are masters of your fate, please take five minutes and imagine what you and your family could do with their pocket change -- say 4 or 5 million dollars.
Or imagine what 4 or 5 million could do for a country without doctors in the midst of an epidemic (a CURABLE epidemic!). Or imagine what it could do for 500 absolutely first class students who just don't have the skills or connections to get established in a major university. In other words, apply that 4 or 5 million dollars to HUNDREDS of life changing and saving scenarios, but remember for these two “things”, we're still talking about pocket change.
However, all good things (elite-wise, that is) come to an end. Remember 6,000 years is a sneeze for evolution. It's critical that we see this. We're not talking about the Himalayas here. We're talking about a micro time blip in the evolution of a species.
Moral: THE TIME HAS COME TO DESTROY THE "HAVE'S". Note, the word is destroy, not compromise with, not have political conversations with, not "get religion", and not let them get away of 6,000 years of murder. If we think O.J Simpson shouldn't get away with murder, then multiply that obscenity by several million!
Naturally there are a thousand different angles to this, but the main one is that the early 3rd millennia is when the ka ka hits the fan with this astronomically rich filth.
We now have the means, we have the money, we have the Internet (!), and we have the knowledge. How many people still think Daddy Rockefeller is just a nice old man? This S.O.B is a devil from hell and is directly or indirectly related to such institutional cancers as "The Illuminati" and The Bilderberg group (so is traitorous Bill Clinton). These creatures are walking death. They assassinated the entire country of Africa -- New Orleans was just for fun.
Arguably the biggest defense of The Beast is that many (most?) humans are still brainwashed into thinking of them as just rich people in designer suits. Yeah, like the designer suit of the Gestapo or the designer suits of barbarous Roman legions or the designer suit of Tsars -- or the designer suits of murder in the name of God billionaire terrorists.
First things first is to destroy the smoke screen behind which the astronomically rich hide -- which is basically the same smoke screen behind which certifiably insane religious fanatics hide.
In short, they take the greatest pains to "look like all the rest of us", so they can get away with financial, religious murder to their hearts content.
But the AREN'T like all the rest of us. Indeed, they are so biologically and socially ingrown; they're probably virtually different life forms.
Something is struggling here to be said and it’s pushing the envelope of the sayer. I hope my fellow brother and sister Earthlings (you know, the cattle, the slaves, the cannon fodder), will help me out here.
It's like walking into a large room filled with hundreds of cross conversations, and grabbing a microphone and saying something like: Please may I have your attention? I know things seem to be pretty business as usual. We have a President who is status quo incarnate. We have a congress which has mostly been puked out by the DLC Clinton right wing machine. We have credit card rates that are doubling and tripling while banks are stealing everything in sight (i.e., they are stealing OUR MONEY). We have MASSIVE documented evidence that 9/11 was a national/international inside job, and that the epidemic of aids in Africa was engineered by European whites (remember all those "forced" TB inoculations with contaminated serum?).
The labor of countless millions of human workers is being stolen by Bilderberg Group scum and the natural resources of Mother Nature belong only to the elites as well. We all know the Israeli lunatic right wing fringe has every intention of stealing the entire state of Palestine, just like they have been dictating American foreign policy in the middle east for the last several decades, leading the Chinese (to whom the US is hopelessly in debt) to call us the United States of Israel.
Just a bit more, please. What all this leads to is exceedingly difficult to verbalize. Indulge me, please, while I grope for the bottom line.
(1.) We KNOW who the people are who are ravaging the planet and turning 98% (or more) of the human race in slaughter house human cattle. They are no longer behind a smoke screen and neither are nauseating religious crazies.
(2.) Now for the essence of this. Time to get mercilessly objective. The slavery which binds us is paper and psychology. It's just a bunch of paper "rules" which say what we can and cannot do. TO HELL WITH THESE PAPERS RULES. The time has come to bring the "Have" and "Have Not" war totally out into the open. It's time to go for the jugular and anhillate these monsters.
The Have and Have Not War has finally come to a head. It may have taken 6,000 years to come to this point, but the war is already underway -- it's just that we aren't fighting back.
This is a one-sided war and the one or two percent is mauling the human race because the human race FUNDAMENTALLY ACCEPTS their cattle existence.
All we need is to see these people for what they are and to see the world we live in for what it is. This is no longer the "Dark Ages" or a Roman amphitheater or a Southern Plantation. This is the 21st Century 3rd millennia and WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED TO DESTROY THE "HAVES". We didn't two or three thousand or even a few hundred years ago, but their extinction is now completely within our grasp.
We have the means, we have the wealth, and we have the numbers. At the end of all this are we going to be blocked by psychology and paper? Forget the enablers and the "collaborators". They are the putrid dead weight of civilization and will never change. So it comes down to all the rest of us. Are we "activist" enough to realize that a shining new world of sanity, justice, morality, and science is 100% within our reach this very instant?
But only if the "center of gravity" of POWER, OUTRAGE, and NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION shifts to the "Have Not's". Be not afraid, we can cut through their political/religious games, laws, and rules like a hot knife through butter.
Say it however you wish, but it's already been 6,000 years too long for the human race to be stewards of the Earth and masters of our fate.
The moment of truth is NOW. Not a thousand years from now, or three hundred years from now, or after we get thrown some bones from the HAVES, who will start panicking once they realize the social tide has turned.
Whether you think of yourself as a child of God or a child of the Universe (or both), we owe it to our very souls and Creator to protect our children, be wise stewards of the Earth, turn human Civilization into a glory of creativity . . . and permanently "disinfect" the Earth from religious psychopaths and vampire elites.
Sadly, the last must come first.
The religious fanatics and astronomically rich elites have kept us on the "killing floor" for the last 6,000 years -- now it's our turn to return the favor.
Its light years past the point of "compromise". We don't need establishment politics or institutional religions any more than we need a samo, samo status quo president. In fact, we don't need bloody ANYTHING but the power of the people.
The time has come to get very, very “untheoretical” about this!
ps1: Here’s a little story. Once upon a time a high school was terrorized by a gaggle of psycho/criminal types who because they always “fought dirty” and brainwashed everyone else to be “nice people”, were the literal Gods and Goddesses of the school. This went on for doomed generation after doomed generation.
But then some of the alleged “suckers” began to think we can squash these scum like cockroaches if we fight fire with fire. In short, all we have to do is transcend castrating convention and spirit-breaking status quo and DO WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to take our lives and school back.
This story has a happy ending.
It’s been said that a slave is someone who waits for someone else to free him/her.
ps2: It might be expedient if hundreds of thousands of us warned religious fanatics and vampire elites their days of absolute power are over. They had a long run, roughly 6,000 years, but now that collective humanity knows the chains which bound (and bind) us are made of meaningless political/religious “paper”, the will and power of the people will inevitably give birth to a dimensionally different world.
This is not a fairy tale. The nightmare of infinite injustice, evil, and criminal stupidity we have been living in for thousands of years is the fairly tale. Goodness, sanity, and intelligence have never stopped looking each of us directly in the eye – and are doing so now. Time to return the gaze! Time to start actualizing our virtually cosmic human potential.
W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

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