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Dire Desiderata for the 21st Century.

By W. Christopher Epler
Posted May 15, 2009 in Politics
The United States and humanity in general are now at several ultimate crossroads.
Evil now dominates the Earth in the form of Paris Hilton's, Paul McCartney, the entire Rothschild family of vampires, etc. (i.e., astronomically rich individuals -- elites) and certifiably insane religious fanatics . . . and we all know who and where THEY are, don't we?
Religious fanatics righteously murder in the name of God and multi millionaire and multi billionaires have engineered things so successfully they get to steal the labor of countless millions of working class humans, plus the birthright natural resources of humanity.
In short, a tiny percentage of astronomically rich people (one to two percent), often combined with certifiably psychotic religious outpatients are the Kings and Queens of the Earth.
So, one or two percent Kings and Queens and 98 to 99 percents human cattle and 21st Century peasants: that's the snapshot of the social world of the Earth an extraterrestrial would take back to its world.
Two things: astronomical wealth and/or psychotic (literally!) religious fanatics. That's the Earth. That's the "problem".
Well, then, what's the "solution"?
OK, time to be realistic, since there ISN'T any solution. At least there aren't any solutions that are "known" to us. That may sound mysterious (and it IS mysterious -- that's just the point!), but first let's tick off a couple of the alleged “known” solutions.
(1.) Solution number one is "politics". You can't be serious. Politics is more part of the problem than the solution and always has been. Please, let's not waste time with this. President Obama is like taking aspirin for cancer. Our problems are MONSTER SIZED and he's a hiccup in a hurricane.
You see, the claim of this submission is exactly that WE DON'T HAVE ANY SOLUTIONS.
Ironically, this is much the same problem of spiritual liberation, because all egocentric attempts to transcend egocentricity are themselves egocentric. This is the mystical Catch-22. Try seeing it like this: "Awakening" is not that the dreamer finally wakes up from the dream, but that SOMETHING MORE REAL THAN THE DREAMER wakes up from the dreamer.
You see, there has to be a quantum jump away from a process where the trying to one up the process is itself a variation OF the process. The Zen people put it like this: it's like trying to wipe off blood with blood.
That's politics; it's trying to wipe off blood with blood.
Next is the other alleged "solution" to the problem of the hoarded billions of Paul McCartney (beetle as in cockroach) and/or genocide in the name of God.
(2.) Solution number two is "religion". After all, isn't religion supposed to be our "moral compass"? If the world is crawling with evil (and it is!), then shouldn't religions be on the front lines? Shouldn't these hot line to God types be confronting, challenging, and even doing battle with evil?
Excuse me why I find a barf bag.
Intuitional religions are fundamentally businesses mostly run by geezers in dresses. The Inquisition history of the Catholic Church says it all and the Armageddon Baptist Big Bang is dufusville to the max. A realistic future of these businesses is that evolution will simply select them out. In no sense whatever (financial, moral, biological, etc.) are they paying their way, and that way lies extinction. One wonders what the Hebrew Prophets (those beckons of justice) would have to say about the blood drenched fangs of the Israeli extremist right wing.
So, the vampire elites and religious fanatics (vs.) institutional religions and political officials?
No, nothing could be farther from the truth since it is the vampire elites and religious fanatics PLUS institutional religions and political officials. It's all the same convoluted moral/rational garbage. The Pope is pap and Bill Clinton licks the boots of the Bilderberg Group.
So much for religion and politics.
OK, now time to shift gears and pretend I've got ESP (or something).
Where EXACTLY are we? We're in hell and the big two traditional "roads out" (e.g., politics and religion) far some solving the problem, PERPETUATE the problem.
Hence, ultimate crossroads! Such as?
Don't shoot me if I don't have articulate specifics (which I don't), but I do have that "sense of things" which can perhaps best be talked about by analogy. Let's say you're in a disgustingly dysfunctional family (sound familiar?) and you're taking the advice of a "minister" or maybe even a "consular" from school.
They say do this or that, but nothing seems to change. And then you discover the minster is banging your mother and/or your Dad is debt to the consular. Or whatever! You get the idea. The point is the advice givers are PART OF THE SYSTEM. If you really "dealt with" the dysfunctional family, they too would be indirectly threatened.
That's religion and politics. They don't want "radical change", because they too are PART OF THE SYSTEM.
So "radical change" comes from what? Well, it's sure as hell isn't politics or religion -- and never has been. Remember "Divine Right" and "Manifest Destiny" and fascist "survival of the fittest"? All those presumptuous pontifications for limitless evil.
So, here's the deal. This is less a specific statement of what has to happen, than a prediction that SOMETHING RADICAL MUST HAPPEN.
The brutal truth is that the human race is going down for the third time because of billionaires and religious psychos. This is a fact. This is a certainty. Humans are accelerating toward oblivion. Hey, it's not big deal. Species go extinct probably in uncounted trillions (in our galaxy alone), but we didn't think it would happen to US -- at least not so quickly.
But so long as we live in a world with astronomically rich filth and murder in the name of God filth, we've got an albatross around our species neck that is annihilating human life and death ecosystems like flies.
The universe is already a very dangerous place. We could be blasted with charged particles from a super nova any second. In roughly four years, the sun of going to be at the peak of sun storm activity and it looks like this time they're going to substantial. The last time we got a really big one (in the mid 19th century) it fried the telegraphs. Imagine all the electronics a big one four years from now could fry (power outs come to mind). And oh yes, one never knows if a black hole is sneaking up on us. They’re all over the place and unless some nearby star (or whatever) gives its “invisible” location away, now you don’t see them and now you don’t see them – until our sun gets sucked away into oblivion.
Speaking of magnetic fields (and shields), the Earth may also be entering a period where the poles are shifting (we've already lost around 10% protection from cosmic rays), and if this continues, during the middle of the shift the Earth may be totally without protection for hundreds of years, which means a titanic amount of radiation will be blasting our planet and blowing away significant quantities of our atmosphere.
There's now some serious speculation that as recently as around 10,000 years ago, we were hit by a meteor that caused mass extinctions in the Americas (hey, not all the mammoths, dire wolves, and saber tooted tigers got stuck in tar pits). And oh yes, the humans seemed to disappear as well. This is still being studied, but it does raise the very serious possibility they we're don't have to go back 65 million years to have mass extinctions, since one may have happened a mere 10,000 years ago.
Moral: we've got enough on our reality/scientific plate without having people like "The Illuminati" or The Bilderberg Group choose escalating their billions at the FATAL COST of not being stewards of our dying (at least for humans) planet.
Paris Hilton takes on a different look when you see her life style as precluding health care for hundreds of thousands of children.
Time to pull this together.
We are living on a dying and infinitely evil planet, and politics and religion are part of the problem, not the solution.
Hence, its time for DIMENSIONAL CHANGE. When you're going down for the third time it's time to stop being "polite" (i.e., Barack Obama species running in place). It's time to "transcend the box".
And you know what? I think the human race has got the stuff to do it! I think we WON'T let ourselves go down for the third time. I think we WILL "rise to the challenge". People or species have a way of turning into virtual "super forms" when they get very, very clear that it's quantum jump time or extinction.
So, to hell with politics! To hell with religion! More comprehensively, to hell with the PAST!
Its sink or swim time and that means it's time for THE NEW (not recycled forms of species suicide, like politics and religion).
So, I'm throwing down the gauntlet to my fellow humans. Are we really going to passively allow the astronomically rich and/or religious psychopaths to DESTROY THE HUMAN RACE?
But if not, then we've got to permanently outgrow evil-recycling politics and religion.
Forget Obama. He's a tarpit sitcom. And forget Pope pap. Let him pontificate to himself in the bathroom.
OK, now may I ask you to pretend that the following is in bold face, gothic, caps?
Religious lunatics and Bilderberg Group type Gods and Goddesses are killing us. They're killing our children's future. They're killing our descendant's futures. They're killing the ecosystems of countless species (we're just one of them). They are committing documented genocide all over the planet (Africa and New Orleans for openers).
We must save ourselves and we can't do it with politics or religion. We will save ourselves only if we destroy the astronomically rich and if we destroy murder-in-the-name-of-God religious fanatics.
How we destroy them is academic. That's totally irrelevant. All that's important is that they must be utterly obliterated (not "compromised with"!).
In effect, this is challenging the entire human species to be "enlightened". The old is killing us. The past is killing us. Memory is killing us.
We must quantum jump to the new and exist there as best we can. Said differently, radical change is "qualitative", not quantitative. This is a challenge to the heart/core of us. It's quite literally a challenge to "mutate". We must transcend ourselves and become life forms who/that never before tread this planet.
One wonders if exterrestrials are taking bets on whether the human race will create from its own essence a new kind of existence.
The 9/11 national/international “inside job” was the hitting bottom of human existence.
Transcendence is waiting for the human race to "leap".
W. Christopher Epler (Bill)