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(News) Liz Cheney defends Daddy Darth

By Phree
Posted Apr 24, 2009 in Crime
The former Deputy Assistant to Condoleezza Rice, and heiress to the thrown of Hell, Liz Cheney appeared on MSNBC to help justify the neoconservative war criminals torture policy.
Cheney "the devil in blue jeans and plaid shirt", opens her propaganda speech with a whopper of a lie;
"It's what our own people go through in SERE training," she spews, apparently not knowing or understanding that the memos indicate that"the techniques used on US detainees was specifically designed to go above and beyond what our troops go through in SERE training."
"Naturally, I'm pretty sure that our soldiers undergo SERE training to learn what it's like to be tortured, if not withstand it. I mean, if we've reached the point where it's okay to not be outraged when our own soldiers are waterboarded, someone should say so. But either waterboarding is a tolerable technique for military interrogations in every case or it is torture and thus the provenance of sadistic regimes," she adds.
Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney
PR photo
The host, MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell, bites back;
"Liz, the CIA, on its own after 2005, stopped waterboarding on its own," says O'Donnell, "The U.S. prosecuted people for waterboarding after World War II. So to suggest there's a consensus out there that waterboarding is not torture is not in fact accurate,"
Cheney tries to justify the torture method by stating that only three people were waterboarded, and that they provided information that saved American lives. However she neglects to mention that one of those detainees was waterboarded 183 times in one month, and another over 80 times.
She also doesn't mention which of the times provided the so-called critical information.
Norah does a great job as a journalist in this heated exchange.
(I can't embed video on DJ, but you can catch it at Raw Story.)

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