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Television's Effect on Children

By Edwin Ladaga
Posted Mar 30, 2009 in World
There is no doubt that a lot of parents used TV to rear and entertain their child. When a child watches the screen, he is a quiet well behaved child.
On the other hand, recent studies have shown the detrimental effects of TV watching.
In 1970, Sociologist Bronfenbrenner described this aspect of television's effect dramatically:
" Like the sorcerer of old, the television set casts its magic spell, freezing speech and action, turning the living into silent statues for as long as the enchantment lasts. The primary danger of the television screen lies not so much in the behaviour it produces- although there is a danger there - as in the behaviour it prevents: the talks, the games, the family festivities and arguments through which much of the child's learning takes place and through which his character is formed. Turning on the television set can turn off the process that transforms children into people “
Is this quote still true today?
Have recent scientific studies made these statements outdated?

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