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By David Silverberg
Posted Mar 24, 2009 in Internet
This is the first of many tips we'll give you power users who can't get enough of
So you posted a fantastic article and a stunning photo you found from our database or your hard drive. It's a medium-length story, maybe 800 words or so. You have some quotes and stats but the article looks like a big sheet of black-and-white text. Sure, you added a photo in the widget provides in the top-left. But what about that wall of text flowing for many mouse-scrolls?
That's where embedding images comes in. You might have known about this trick already, from our Help Center info. Here's a refresher for you veterans and a great new tip for the noobs:
Remember, embedding images can only be done by an article or blog's author.
From within the edit window, click your cursor inside the body of your article or blog where you want the image to appear. Often, this place should be further down your article, so the embedded photo doesn't smack against the main photo. Usually, I like putting the photo at the fifth or sixth paragraph or so, just before the first word.
Then click the small green camera icon from within the edit window on your blog or news article. It's the icon beside the "Quote" button. A pop-up screen that will ask you to either upload a new image or batch of images or search our database of images to select a previously uploaded image.
The is full of photos from past articles, so choose that option if you don't have any photos handy. Input a keyword in the search field and select from the photos displayed. Once you have found an applicable image, click "Select image."
If you are uploading an image, click "upload" and find the photo in your hard drive in the "browse" field. Once you have found the right photo, fill in the details of who took or created the image, what license should be applied to it (i.e. "public domain" or "Creative Commons"), keywords, a title and description.
Set a focal point when you upload photos
Set a focal point when you upload photos
Once the image is uploaded, you will see a thumbnail of the image along with the details you provided. On the image thumbnail, you need to "set focal point" -- select where the action is happening in the image. This is important because we use various thumbnail sizes on the site so setting the focal point ensures you always have the most important part of the image in view without being cropped. For example, a photo of someone should have the focal point set on their eyes. A building of Best Buy should focus on the signage.
You're almost done! Once you have your focal point set, click "Select Image". Now you can choose how big the image will be inside your article or blog. You can select between small, medium or large (if the image you uploaded is small, our system will detect that size limit and only offer you a choice between small and medium, for example).
We recommend choosing the large size when applicable. A small image could be useful if you don't have a very high-res photo, though.
Another tip relates to where that photo is placed. When you have embedded your photos, the edit screen will now display their code looking like this: [image(48831,center,medium] That means the photo is medium-sized, at the center of the page. But if you want the photo to display to the right or left, change "center" to "right" or "left." This option is useful when you have a small or medium photo that should wrap around text, like you'd see in a newspaper article.
Want to see what an article with embedded images looks like? Check out Carol Forsloff's latest New Orleans article here to see a great example of photos breaking up the text, at different places and at various sizes.
Got any questions? Let us know below or contact us privately and we'll be happy to help you out.
Stay tuned next week for another tip.

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