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Digital Journal opens Ambassador position for Digital Journalists

By Chris Hogg
Posted Mar 2, 2009 in Internet
One thing that has made Digital Journal a unique place online has been its community. It's diverse. It's interesting. It's friendly and helpful. Behind the scenes, our editors work tirelessly to help Digital Journalists and citizens get answers to questions, find tools or features on the site and discuss events. We think part of what has made us who we are is the level of engagement we have with our members.
Going forward, we'd like to continue to offer the welcome to new members and we're looking for people who would like to help. So, we're putting an open call to anyone who would like to be an official Digital Journal Ambassador. We're looking for regular members who know the site well and have a bit of spare time to help with the following:
• When a new member is promoted to Digital Journalist status (which you can often see in the Live Events widget), contact them and offer assistance if they want to know how something works, where to find something or what the site is all about. We often approve new writers who have questions and are looking for anyone with experience to help.
• When a new Digital Journalist posts an article, read it and comment on it. Ask questions about the subject matter, share your own experience or give links to more info should a reader want to follow it. You can also give a welcome message to that new Digital Journalist. Remember the day someone did that for you and how good it felt?
• Look for articles that have no images and click "Add Image" to add an appropriate or relevant image, such as your own photo or one that is Creative Commons (Tip: read this great tutorial on finding images that are legal to use). You can upload your own images or search our database. You can help illustrate a news story even if it's not your article. More info on adding images here.
• Find commenters who provide good insight into a news event or have a unique opinion and invite them to apply as a Digital Journalist. Being a Digital Journalist is not as scary as it sounds, and we want all citizens to know that.
• Get active in Groups. Some of the Groups on Digital Journal are excellent but they're not updated enough. Join someone else's Group and contribute to it! More info on Groups here.
• If you have an account on Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. please feel free to share links to articles or content you find interesting!
Digital Journal has a very active, lively and fun community so we hope some of you will enjoy taking part in helping us grow. Also, being an Ambassador is a great way to make yourself very well known in the Digital Journal community as it grows.
To find out if someone is a Digital Journal Ambassador, click on their name. The Digital Journal Ambassador status will be noted on their profile page once our staff approves them. The list of Digital Journal Ambassadors will also be placed in other areas of the website.
If you would like to be an official Digital Journal Ambassador, please contact me.

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