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George Green Shares His Inside Information Regarding The Current State Of The Economy

By Pamela Jean
Posted Apr 11, 2008 in Business
When George Green gives you advice, it is worth listening. A retired investment banker, finance advisor to Jimmy Carter's campaign and a business man with many contacts in high places, George sees the world as it is. No soft soaping here.
Gold, silver, the dollar and Euro, and the current economic crisis.
He makes alot of rather frightening predictions about what is looming ahead for the economy, here and across the globe............predictions which are chalking up to be total economic collapse.
I seriously believe that the "powers that be" - namely the private entities that own the Federal Reserve, The Central Banks located in other countries, the International Monetary Fund & The World Bank, are on track to create a worldwide collapse of every country on this globe. They will acquire total control and domination over all of the people on Earth.
Natural resources are in limited supply. The globe does not have enough to sustain the current population.
More later.............
Listen to this 20 minute audio interview and make a plan for yourself and your family.

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