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One Man's Paradise-Revised

By KJ Mullins
Posted Feb 28, 2009 in
We live in what once was the best of times
Is this the worst of time
Or is it just a revision
Of a well told tale
We are seeing a what looks like change
Climate, money, job, fighting
The papers shout out the horrors
But isn't this the way it always has been
Progress wasn't supposed to mean
That a man couldn't feed his family
That a pill to get better was a toss up
Between having a meal or a pillow
When the poor get poorer
As the rich feast on their souls
But isn't that the way
That the world has always turned
One man gloating
Another thousand dying
Our parents knew that a job meant
Security and a way to advance
Today a job means another day that
The bills will be paid
Not that tomorrow is secure
It's no longer that way
But were our parents
The chosen people
The first and the last
To surpass their fathers
We live in a world of pollution
Smoggy skies and boggy minds
Littered streets and cluttered streams
Blown up cities and abandoned mines
Test score educations and homeless people
Nations that kill and communities that die
But that world isn't that different
From decades before
It seems that the past
Comes back to the future
Our children won't inherit
The funds for a rainy day
This is the rainy day
And the funds are storming down a drain
That no one can afford to repay
It should be a crime
That the richest are rewarded when they steal
And the poorest can't afford a meal
But truth is truth
Its the way of the ages
Only a few make it through
The cracks to feast on the harvests
That others toil
One man's paradise is another man's grave
And that grave gets deeper each and every day
The one man is standing smiling tall
While the masses are digging not fast enough to stop the fall
It was the way of the Pharaohs
The times of change
Only rearrange the names
Governments shout out that its time to prepare
They just didn't send out the warning flare in time
But the flare was in the air
From the beginnings
It just got muted with time
This is a world of one man
Standing with just a few
Over the masses
That work the soil
We live in what once was the best of times
Is this the worst of time
Or is it just a revision
Of a well told tale