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The psychos among us: Time to drop the gloves

By André R. Gignac
Posted May 27, 2013 in
Welcome to your new world. Well, it’s not really that new, but it seems to me that society refuses obstinately to recognize it for what it is. So, every single time a psycho hacks someone to death in the middle of a street on a sunny afternoon in England in the name of religion, or tries to ignite a bomb hidden in his underwear to blow up his fellow passengers in the name of religion, or kills and maims runners trying to win money for charity, again in the name of religion, we end up, it seems, looking at it as an unfortunate and isolated incident, committed by a poor soul who momentarily lost his marbles.
We go on living our life, making money, spending money, working every day until our hard-won annual vacation, and we inevitably put it all behind us as bad memories, notwithstanding the statutory memorial and the annual remembrance. It is much tougher for the friends and families of the deceased.
But there is a serious problem here: it keeps happening, it’s happening a bit too often, and the degree of barbarity of the acts is definitely getting quite creative. And it's not a distinctive army showing up on the shores to create havoc, no, they are in our midst. They wake up at any moment, like robots, and you, you and you can be his next innocent victim.
While the world debates blasphemy laws – in a veiled attempt to prevent justified criticism of the abuses of organized religion – we are left to wonder: isn’t time also to protect innocent people against religion and religious coo-coos, and severely punish those who kill innocent people in the name of it?
It is time to drop the gloves. Those monsters know that they will probably die while committing their insane acts. In many instances, they actually want to die, and they don’t give a damn about how many others they will be taking with them.
Let's do them a service, and a service to the principles of civilisation, and let's execute on the spot these lunatics sent from the barbaric past. Don’t wait for days, weeks, months, spending money and food on those monsters that would be better spent towards people who need it. When it is so clear cut, as in the three examples given above, kill them, right then and there, on the spot. Period. And good riddance.

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