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A good move...however where's the Latest News?

By Gar Swaffar
Posted May 24, 2013 in Internet
I have to go along with the critique posted by sumdume in a separate blog. I do like the look of the most recent makeover at DJ, however I do see what appears to be a problem.
The Latest News category is far removed from being easily available.
The category is able to be accessed IF a person knows to scroll to the bottom and choose it, but will everyone visiting be able to ascertain there is such a beast as "Latest News"?
Focusing on Top News is good, to a degree. We now live in a 24/7 news cycle though, and what was Top News yesterday, is really old news. Still important for those looking for a specific topic, category, news item, but where is the relevant news that is happening right now?
A case in point might be the bridge collapse from yesterday, if that were today and an article is posted as breaking news with 8x10 color glossy photo's, who's going to see that article? Certainly not the casual visitor to DJ dropping by to see what is going on.
I could be wrong, but it seems as if more than just the "old style" of DJ is missing now.

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