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The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil: Success or Failure?

By Marcela Re Ribeiro
Posted May 24, 2013 in Sports
The 2014 FIFA World Cup is close, and it could be a great opportunity to show the culture, customs, cuisine, and beauties of Brazilian flora and fauna, which are many! Actually, the 2014 FIFA World Cup involves not only a beautiful stadium with a capacity to accommodate a specific number of people. Sure, everybody knows that. So what? I have not seen substantial changes in the country. It is hard to believe that Brazil will be able to hold hundreds of thousands tourists who want to watch the games of the World Cup.
Regarding the event, I believe that the main problems are related to transportation, health, and security. The fact of the matter is that the public hospitals are barely aware of local service, and medical errors are frequent. (1)Data show that, only in São Paulo, the richest city, known as the financial heart of Brazil, there are more than 4,500 reports of medical errors per year.
According to an (2)article published on the website UOL, nine of the twelve stages of the 2014 World Cup are late, and all will cost more than anticipated. So far, this problem is not more serious because in one way or another they will be constructed. The question is: how will the tourists get to the stadiums? Public transport is a disgrace, and daily the population suffers from crowed buses, trains, and subways, a true physical and psychological attack on users of this kind of transport.
Furthermore, in large events it is common for taxi drivers to charge an extremely high value and not follow the market rates. So, in this case, will there be supervision around the country to curb such acts? Moreover, if there is a communication channel for reporting such abuse or other problems faced by tourists and Brazilians citizens, will there be enough professional to respond to the occurrences across the country?
Brazil is a beautiful country, but there are a lot of problems! The corruption in Brazilian politics is reported around the world, and nothing happens! Politicians who are involved in scandals have been in power and are unreachable. I will not go into the merits of the question because the subject demands lengthy discussions. Corruption in public administration organs is actually reported; there is no denying it. So, I always ask myself, what is lacking to change this sad reality?
The impression is that we - Brazilian citizens - have not lived, but have survived. Each day is a struggle! If you need to use a public hospital, it is never a sure thing whether you will go out dead or alive, for lack of care or malpractice; if you are stopped at a traffic light, you can be surprised by a felon and killed. In addition to this, if you have dinner out at a restaurant you can be assaulted – called- (3) “arrastão” (when a group of raiders invades a place to assault a huge number of people); if you are indoors you may be surprised by bandits, who every day are becoming more violent, and life no longer has any value. We are living in an era where children kill their parents, where, in broad daylight, hundreds of crack users consume drugs without any concern, and I could list many other disgraceful scenes...
It is truly sad to live this time in Brazil!
A feeling of utter helplessness consumes most of us who wish it would be totally different. Why so much violence, so many problems in security, transportation, education, and health, if we are a rich country, and even creditors to the U.S., the world's greatest power?
The current scenario in Brazil is not reliable, and how will be during the 2014 World Cup? Will it generate more jobs, increase trade and tourism? Yes, of course. The problem is the logistics surrounding all this, as I have already mentioned. Will the country be prepared for emergencies if they occur in health or public security? What is being done to actually improve care and to supply the demand, if necessary? Unfortunately, nothing. If something is being done, there would not be so many complaints and newspaper articles reporting the chaotic health, transportation, and security.
In addition to this, there is another problem: the traffic congestion, which is so common in days of heavy rain, when floods occur in various parts of the big cities, as well the lack of electrical energy, which takes hours to be reestablished. There are already rumors that electrical energy can be another problem in the 2014 World Cup. If we have already suffered from a lack of this service on normal days, how will be it in such a big event?
I feel that Brazil, disguised by its beautiful beaches, the exuberance of its flora and fauna, the warmth of the people, by the musicality and cuisine of each region, cries for help! I just hope that this help can come from ethical hands, which can resurface values that magnify our way of being and acting, and being proud to say: we are Brazilians!
So, will the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil be a success or failure? Honestly, I believe we will have many problems, but we cannot deny that there is always the positive side in everything. What remains is whether it will be enough positive to assuage the negative one. Are you prepared to live this emotion? So come, Brazil has beautiful places and its people are very welcoming. Just keep in mind that, like any developing country, it faces many problems. Information can be a strong ally. So, prepare and inform yourself, and be willing to have fun!
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