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Blogs, top ten and latest comments gone with the wind

By Anne Sewell
Posted May 24, 2013 in Internet
You probably won't see this blog, because there is no way to access it from the home page, as far as I can see. In fact, you can probably only access it if you follow me, or happen to visit my page...
Also, I see our famous top ten has disappeared, which is no big loss, but the recent comments, postings etc, have also disappeared, which was a valuable tool.
However, we can still see the so-called "Recent Social Activity" which reflects sharing done 2 to 3 months ago... which has been pretty much useless indefinitely...
I realize with the "Recent Activity", this will vary from person to person depending on their friends on FB. However, I have, ahem, quite a few who regularly share my articles, and this is what shows up as "recent activity." Pretty useless.
So called  recent activity  on the social media.
So called "recent activity" on the social media.
Wondering why this piece of rubbish stays and the useful stuff goes? Just sayin'...
World is no longer a main trending item, so everyone should probably try and avoid this, as you have to scroll way down on the home page to find it. We do have a few more category options to choose from though.
Sorry guys, I will probably get moaned at for posting this blog, in fact, it might even get deleted like my last one, but the new layout is awful. Who plans these things??

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