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Op-Ed: Did Tea Party protests in 2010 unleash Tax Man?

By Keith Terceira
Posted May 22, 2013 in Politics
Let the games begin! January 19th, 2010 Scott Brown, Republican, is elected to Ted Kennedy's seat in senate with Tea Party backing in a solid Blue State. Tea Party is attributed with raising $350,000 dollars towards his win.
February 19th Peter Overby writes at Who's raising money for Tea Party Movement? outlining the plan for teaching Tea Party and Cnservative groups on getting 501(c) 4 status!
Memphis Tea Party's Mark Skoda, is quoted as saying
"As you know, election law allows 501(c)(4)s to raise and recruit funds that allow us to go ahead and encourage people to participate in the PAC. It allows us a greater latitude in which to execute our strategy," he said.
February 24, Cincinnati, Ohio - About 100 attend Tea Party rally in West Chester, who was at that meeting?
On March 10th, 2010 several hundred Tea Party members protested President Obama's health care town hall meeting in St. Louis.
Sometime in March of 2010, Cincinnati IRS personal decided to begin "centralizing" Tea Party, 9/12, Conservative, or Constitutional 501 (c) 4 applications.
Several Thousand gathered in Washington on March 20, 2010 against health care reform on the eve of a vote in the House of Representatives to protest Obamacare.
On March 27th, Tea Party Express III launches in Nevada, with Searchlight, Nevada; about 9,000 attend the opening rally and in Las Vegas, Nevada 2,000 rallied with the Tea Party Express at the Henderson Pavilion.
On March 28th 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona - 1,200 to 1,500 rally at the Arizona state capital.
March 29, St. George, Utah - About 2,000 turn out for Tea Party Express Rally.
March 30th another 1000 meet at Utah state capital.
On March 31st, 2010 President Obama meets with Colleen M. Kelley, President of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) – the union for IRS employees.
In April of 2010, IRS officials begin the serious targeting and delaying of Tea Party Applications it centralized in Ohio.
April 14th -15th 2010, hundreds of thousands of people across the nation rally for TAX DAY 2010. Including several thousand in Washington DC on April 15th, right after the April 14th rally in Boston that drew 5000-10,000 people. Thousands protest in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 15th.
By Election Day in November, 5 out of ten Tea Party backed candidates had won office and 31 % of House backed Candidates had won, as conservative reclaimed the House, and the War on Repealing Obamacare began.
2012 elections were proving to be a red flag to Obamacare and Democratic control of the Senate in jeopardy should Tea Party influence continue unabated.
Democrats were so worried that even some of they members would get involved that they turned on Curtis Anderson in February of 2011 saying he "embarrassed the democratic leadership with his involvement in the Tea Party."
According to Obama's media pundits and pocket journalists, a bumbling bunch of nuts and racists, the Tea Party, in 2010 evolved into a weapon against large government and Obama-care, becoming a third cog in the two party good ole boy network.
What was at risk for Obama, his legacy, Obama-care, The rolling tide of Tea Party, Constitutionals, Conservatives in 2010 took back the House, and in 2012 could take back the Senate, repealing Obama's legacy.
37 votes to repeal re proof that the American people don't desire it, and had the tide continued to roll unabated, who knows what 2012 could bring.
I leave the rest to you the reader to judge, to research.
Can anyone say third World Politics!

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