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By Marcela Re Ribeiro
Posted May 17, 2013 in
I think in the end of tomorrow
In screams silencing life
The ethereal torn in viscera
In a time stuck on its seconds
I think in the human irrationality
In the pouring of the tyranny, envy and lust
In the hurry that consumes the being in fury
In the truths being swallowed by profane lies
I think in the child's play
Catch up, hide and seek, marbles
Forgotten among keyboards, cell phones, tablets
In the help from the neighbor who no longer shows his face
I think in the distance established
In fake smiles stamping sympathy
In all inverted values
Friendship a forgotten word
I think in how LIFE is tired
To be part of this painting
I think...
I hope you enjoy it! Brazilian Kisses :-)

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