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U.S. Geological Survey seeks GPS Iridium collars for Alaskan Lynx dogs

By Tim Watson
Posted May 15, 2013 in Technology
The U.S. Geological Survey plans to award a contract for Iridium-made GPS location collars the agency intends to outfit on Alaskan lynx wild dogs.
USGS expects to award commercial, firm-fixed price type contract for the collars, which the agency wants to transmit location data over very high frequency spectrum for at least six hours, the agency said in a May 13 solicitation.
Collars must weigh less than one pound, transmit between two and four locations per day for every six hours and have batteries that last between 280 and 370 days.
"Lynx are small (approx. 8 kg) felids that rely on stealth and speed in variable snow and vegetation conditions to subsist on their primary prey, snowshoe hares, in the boreal regions of Alaska," USGS said in the notice.
As the animals like to roam over large areas, USGS said the devices must acquire and transmit movement data in a device that weighs less than 5 percent of the lynx's body mass.

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