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Op-Ed: The IRS Mess; One question not being asked!

By Keith Terceira
Posted May 14, 2013 in Politics
The admittance by the IRS this week that employees singled out Conservative, Tea Party, and even Pro-Constitutional groups that applied for 501 C 4 status was shocking.
Imagine an America where you get hassled by the long arm of the IRS if you wish to make people aware of our constitution, or was it only people that wished to make people aware of our second amendment right to bear arms!
I have yet to see that addressed!
A question that has yet to be asked is how exactly do the applications of the hundreds of pro-Democratic applications compare to the current ones in question.
Have anti-gun groups been given favored status over constitutional groups, do their applications breeze through in a few months so they don't miss the news cycle while others take two years plus.
For a President that ran on a platform of change and transparent government, this government has been transparent only in its ability to increase the cloak and dagger side of dirty politics, Chicago-land style!
Yes this falls on our President , because it's in his watch to appoint or replace people that fail to govern these departments fairly. Does anyone believe that anything happens in Washington that doesn't get to the desk of one of his Cabinet members. Which is why this bombshell was dropped on dump day.
When the House Ways and Means Committee meets this week to grill the henchmen involved in what can be described as third world style thuggery, It needs to address whether the IRS, in the least, proceeded to stall the right of citizens to participate equally in the election process.
Money runs elections, and when you stall the money , you stall your opponents!
Did applications for organizations that were in favor of Obama or his agenda fly through in the 90 days it normally takes, thus allowing Democratic organizations to raise funds and awareness for it's positions, while hindering the Tea Party, Conservatives, GOP, and Libertarians from raising funds to make their respective cases and opinions clear.
Was this President re- elected with the assistance of the IRS, whether intentional or not.
Not only does this behavior increase the public perception that the government and the IRS are not to be trusted, it also tends to further the agenda of conspiratorial theorists.
"Sometimes Paranoia is just having all the facts" William S. Burroughs.
This developing investigation needs to include a comparison between the behavior and job performance of IRS employees when approving liberal and progressive applications and Tea Party or Conservative ones.
Now that we are aware of the actions of the IRS in unfair political selectivity when approving these 501(c) 4's . We now must be concerned whether it is now targeting pro-second amendment groups, anti-anything Obama is for groups, and even homeschooling advocates.
I don't know of anyone that has ever fully trusted the IRS, but at least they were equally disliked on both sides of an issue.