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Seagull eggs have hatched!

By Anne Sewell
Posted May 8, 2013 in World
Last month I published an article about spring finally coming back to Fuengirola and included a photo of a seagull sitting on her nest on the roof of the decrepit old mill across the road from me.
I have been keeping an eye on her ever since and have watched her and hubby taking turns sitting on the nest, sometimes doing really well-synchronized "swap overs". Sometimes she nagged him loudly if he was a bit slow in arriving, and swooped off the nest as soon as she saw him coming! Must be wonderful to stretch your wings like that after sitting for hours...
Today I finally saw something gray and fuzzy over there, and yes, at least two babies have hatched. Unfortunately my zoom lens isn't the best, but you can just see them in the photo and also in the brief video clip below. So darn cute!
Later update:
Tragedy struck - both babies fell from the nest down on to a more level piece of roof below. Mother is currently having a fit, but has found one of them and is yelling for hubby.
Babies fell out of the seagull s nest onto a roof below.  Only one can be seen.
Babies fell out of the seagull's nest onto a roof below. Only one can be seen.

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