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Canada's ignorance to US covert operations

By brad harris
Posted May 4, 2013 in Politics
I want to believe that Canadian politicians are not aware of some of the crimes that our closest allies have been investigated for but it seems as thought there might be a small group of them who are aware. In a world of National security clearances it is very hard to ever get to the bottom of political investigations because those who are being investigated can always use the cover of national security. I’m not a lawyer but I haven’t heard of any criminal investigation other than political that the accused is allowed to with hold vital documents for any reason.
Some of the investigations are dropped after a settlement is reached and fines are paid. Some are dropped because of national security and others are dropped because they were not investigated in time (statute of limitations). If Canadians are going to be making beyond the border deals and allow the US to operate military and police within our borders we need to be aware of how they operate internally and how that might affect our policy and safety.
You must look at American politics in order to understand how their policy will affect ours. Operation Fast and Furious and operation wide receiver should be looked at and analyzed. This operation was investigated by congress because the US Justice department and ATF purposely allowed licensed firearm dealers to sell thousands of weapons to illegal buyers including drug cartels. This operation was publicly discussed after US border agents were killed by some of the guns purposely given to criminals. The Attorney General ERIC HOLDER was held in contempt of congress on June 28, 2012 for withholding documents. President OBAMA used executive privilege to keep those documents secret.
Operation GLADIO is another declassified covert operation that was being conducted in Europe. This is a controversial operation and some of the details are unknown. In order to understand this stay behind operation there is a lot of research that needs to be done. Wikipedia and many other sites are not able to summarize the operation because of its complexity.
Operation COINTELPRO was a series of projects conducted by the United States FBI aimed at surveying, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations. This included tactics such as Psychological warfare, planting false media reports, harassment, wrongful imprisonment and violence including assassinations.
Operation Northwood’s – this set of unclassified documents reveals a plan the US department of defense tried to take to manipulate working people into believing the Cubans were attacking the US homeland. The way the DOD wanted to accomplish this act was with a large list of staged events that would leave American people thinking they were under attack and there for needed to attack Cuba in retaliation. “Sink ship near harbor entrance, funerals for mock-victims.” “United states would respond by executing offensive operations to control the water and power supplies, destroying artillery and mortar emplacements which threaten the base.” These are just two of the large list of unthinkably cruel staged crimes to start an unprovoked war.
Project MKULTRA – This was a joint operation between Canada and the US. This operation was to research behavioral engineering of humans (mind control) using many tactics including but not limited to torture, drugs, Electro shock therapy, sexual and verbal abuse . Damages have been paid to some of the victims and admission that this project was conducted by the CIA and A Canadian University in Montreal. This experiment lead to the loss of most of the data collected in the purposeful destruction of documents relating to the crimes committed. The number of deaths and damage caused by this project will remain hidden but those few survivors will never forget the trauma these groups caused them.
Having foreign governments operating in your country is risky. It becomes even more risky when you don’t follow their past military operations. The more and more we allow foreign military's to operate on Canada’s soil the higher risk we have of being attacked by terrorists, and having staged terrorist attacks conducted to skew our perception of new wars.
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