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Will Ted Mosby meet his wife in the 'How I Met Your Mother' season finale?

By Alex Rubin
Posted May 3, 2013 in Entertainment
"How I Met Your Mother's" two-part season finale will start this Monday (May 6) with the episode "Something Old" and will conclude the following Monday (May 13) with "Something New." These episodes will conclude an up-and-down season for "HIMYM", but fans are excited because there is a very real possibility that we will finally (FINALLY!!) meet Ted's future wife.
The season has been building to Barney and Robin's wedding, and we've been promised that Ted will meet his wife at the wedding. The multi-million dollar question is, will we meet the wife in real time by the end of this season, or will "HIMYM" drag the story out through the entire ninth and final season?
I could see the "HIMYM" writers going either way with this story. What we know for sure, is that this season began with the very strong possibility that it would be the last, and stories were dragged out to accommodate for the eventual decision to have a ninth season. It's definitely possible that "HIMYM" committed to Ted meting his wife at Barney's wedding, believing this would be the final season, and have come up with a creative way to keep Ted's wife a mystery through much of the ninth season. If the show has waited eight years for Ted to meet his wife, are they really going to just have her appear at the end of a season finale?
That would definitely be interesting; to have a ninth season where the mother becomes a character and is integrated into the gang, and it's definitely a possibility. Recently, show Co-Creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas told TV Guide that in the season finale "something is revealed that Ted has obviously been thinking about for a while. Fans invested in the central mystery of the series will get excited." That certainly sounds like Ted's meeting his wife in the season finale doesn't it?
The problem is, as "HIMYM" fans, we've been fooled before; Stella anyone? So, I'm definitely a little skeptical that we'll meet Ted's future wife this season. I could see the wedding going awry and the entire ninth season being done in "flashback mode" as the gang relive all of the events leading up to the moment Ted meets his wife. The more I think about this, the more I fear this scenario is a legitimate possibility. It just seems like Bays and Thomas have always wanted to keep the mother a secret until the series finale, and maybe they still will.
What's really going to happen in the "HIMYM" finale? Only the cast and crew know, but my guess is that Bays and Thomas know they promised the mother at the end of this season and that they'll give the viewers a real taste, if not the whole thing.
Here's how I see the season finale breaking down: Barney and Robin WON'T get married. If I had to guess, it will be Robin who gets cold feet, and Ted will go after her. There will be one more final moment where it looks like Ted and Robin will get back together, but Robin will back away and leave Ted standing alone. In his misery, Ted will see a shadow of a woman, we'll see him smile and the screen will fade to black.
So yes, I do believe we are heading towards meeting the mother in two weeks in the season 8 finale. But I don't think we're going to see who she is or what she looks like until some point in season 9...hopefully the premier. And if they've made us wait this long, the moment the mother appears better be legen...well, you know the rest.
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