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Has Digital Journal relaxed, forgotten, or ceased to apply the ‘golden rule’?

By Igor I. Solar
Posted Apr 29, 2013 in Internet
I read a fair number of articles on Digital Journal. I usually focus on subjects that interest me and those that have an intriguing headline or a witty introduction. Regularly, if the subject is appealing and draws my curiosity, I click on the links and peruse the sources cited. Being able to explore deeper into a topic by going to the sources is a very valuable aspect of the news items published in Digital Journal.
Unfortunately, I have noted recently that several “In the Media” articles are posted with only one or two links to sources, and occasionally without even citing a single source. I am aware that Digital Journal Editorial Guidelines are clear on what they call “the golden rule”:
We look for comprehensive summaries when you're reporting something In the Media, and so we look for more than one source when covering a news story. As all journalists and journalism schools will preach: Including multiple sources leads to better journalism, and so we would like all Digital Journalists to follow this golden rule. When you write, you should use at least three to five sources for every article, whether they are interviewees or links to background info or sites with timely news.
Since I have seen various “In the Media” articles posted without the required three to five sources, I get the impression that Digital Journal editors have decided to ignore this requirement, they don’t check that contributors follow “the golden rule”, or the rule has been scrapped, but Digital Journal forgot to tell us about it.
It would be nice to get a statement from Digital Journal editors clarifying this issue, so we all know that including at least three sources is still part of the editorial guidelines or if this is now an option that Digital Journalists may use only if so desired.