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Uganda Christian university: transforming mukono

By Collins Hinamundi
Posted Apr 20, 2013 in
Always in the news for the wrong reasons, mukono district has been in and out of the gutter of development for a very long time, it used to be one of the biggest districts in Uganda, until kayunga and buikwe districts were curved out of the larger mukono, its district headquarters are incomplete, and it is a district famous for the wrong wrongs, witch doctors, child sacrifice, and iron bar hitmen, which are always flushed onto our television screens by a local television station in its ten o’clock news bulletin but then came Uganda Christian university and betty nambooze those two factors have changed what we here about mukono, we now here of new ambulances for the district, despite the persistent headline, there is something good coming out of mukono.
In three years alone, mukono which used to have only colline hotel as the place to talk about boost of five new entertainment centers, some of which are on roof tops, they now boost of 24hour rating places and supermarkets and all this is attributed to Uganda Christian university a church of Uganda founded institution, that was started in 1997 and seen a steady rise in its population over the last five years.
This population needs accommodation though the university provides accommodation to students, this can not be enough for the thousands of students, so a number of hostels have sprung up to fill the gap, some people have turned there residential houses into hostels and moved house, while others have rented out there servants quarters to students and what we have come to know as real hostels are very rare to come by. However musange timothy a real estate broker says that ever since the student population at the university started growing, business has been booming and housing prices have risen from 25000 a month for a single room, it is now averaging 80000 shillings for a single room or between 300000 to 500000 shs a semester. These rate shave seen a transformation in the people of mukono especially those who live around the university, some have gone ahead to re invest the money they get form the hostels into shops, saloons, food centres,supermarkets and other business as seen around the university. Nasanga a mukono resident who rented out her servants quarters and also sells fruits outside the university says that since students are around throughout the year, they have a constant supply of customers supporting there businesses all year round. This is unlike in other universities that spend four months without students.
But despite this transformation of lives in the area, the problem of insecurity still ranks high, making it impossible for students who live far to go and from the university at night, peter mugabi a parent says that locating hostels near a prison like kawuga exposes students to a very dangerous security problem incase there is a mass break out of prisoners. However as the university continues to prosper, the transformation of mukono can only continue as the hope for peace and security

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