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Roger Ebert is the reason I write about movies

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Apr 4, 2013 in Entertainment
After hearing news that Roger Ebert died, I thought back. If I never had read Roger Ebert, I may have never went into this business at all. Growing up in De Kalb, Illinois, I was able to get the Chicago Sun-Times every day. I read it every day, too. It was a must and one writer was a must, to me. That was Roger.
His style was not like the others. He seemed to know more about the subjects in which he wrote. His movie reviews elevated the discussion of film. Later, when he started his movie review show on TV, that too, elevated the talk of movies into an art form. It was because of that style I decided to become a journalist. I, too, wanted to write about movies. And I did, and still do.
And having walked the Oscar Red Carpet for 16 years, one of my goals was to meet Roger Ebert on that carpet. Sure, I met him in Chicago many times, but seeing him do what he loved, and on that stage, that mattered to me. I was able to do that. He was sorely missed around the red carpet after he got sick.
He was the first film critic to have won a Pulitzer Prize. He is also well respected in Hollywood. That is rare for any critic.
He is also the subject of an upcoming documentary by Martin Scorsese. Thumbs up to a wonderful career, and for igniting a love of movies inside others.

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