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To My Neighbour on the Eve of the Main Street Parade

By G. Robert M. Miller
Posted Feb 22, 2009 in World
You know, you and I were raised in the same world -
But it wasn’t the real one.
And you and I live in the same world,
But it isn’t the real one.
We’re an Earth of two worlds,
To update now says it best.
There’re those that see what’s going on;
And those that suffer through it.
I was raised in sunshine -
And so were you my friend.
Yes, yes, with love and care;
But more, with food to spare,
With money to waste,
And happy meals to buy.
Without a worry in our minds,
Save forbid, the tax man;
Or a bully; or a bill.
Yeah, that’s pretty close to sunshine -
And I don’t think the Sun has ever set on us.
Much as we say it has,
More we pretend it to be,
The truth in our lives is,
We don’t recognize that our Earth is home to two realities.
So in the dark, without a light,
The other side scrapes along.
Bound by the chains that we’ve had made,
We keep them there in throngs.
‘Weave, or stitch, but don’t cry bitch!
Don’t think we can’t send you home!
You work or you die, and even if you try,
Bad things sometimes happen, don’t you know?’
Is that Minimum wage?
Or the minimum paid to have a slave?
Is this another version of our old songs?
If it is, then I ask you this -
Why is it okay so long as it’s far away?
And as long as we don’t know the “who” that’s involved?
Our world is off axis; horribly awry.
The sun never sets,
While the other wilts and dies.
And we blame it on numbers,
Or dumbness, or lack of care,
When what’s really going on is as clear as the air.
So I’m writing you today old neighbour to tell you the truth;
It’s you and I that planted this seed and grew it to fruit.
And now every six out of seven,
Don’t get to live in our heaven;
Instead they work till they’re bones,
While we’re over here,
Laughing and eating and cheering,
As we watch the Main Street Parade.
But I’m writing you today my neighbours just to let you know,
That we’re still driving slavery; and it should [fucking] twist our souls.
So Here I Stand and I stand stout.
To not protect man is the only true form of treason!
And the life we love drives it all! The life of the mall;
This is a relationship of causality.
Yes, there is another world out there.
And it isn’t on TV, it’s making them.
Without a shadow of doubt,
In clear light and with reason,
Right down to the ensign on the wall;
This is only part of reality.
Yeah, there is another world out there.
And they’re of the same cloth, just not under the same flag.
Neighbours, let’s change it all.