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Detroit Electric Comes out of the Ashes

By Alex Ristovic
Posted Mar 22, 2013 in
In the wake with everything happening to Fisker these days, Detroit Electric is making a coming back. Albert Lam, the former Group CEO of the Lotus Engineering Group and Executive Director of Lotus Cars of England will head Detroit Electric. He is leading the way to try and create the most affordable and powerful electric performance car. Not an easy task in a market that is not ready to accept and adopt EV’s altogether. Even with that, Detroit Electric is proud to announce it’s newest automobile which will be debuted later this month at the Shanghai Auto Show.
The company has’t been around since 2007, that’s what makes this so insane. They plan to build 2500 cars annually, and they plan to have two models offered at once. They are moving rather quickly, wouldn’t you say? I guess they are making up for lost time.
From the Teaser picture it totally looks like it has the Viper lights, or you could say the Corvette Stingaray headlights as well. Either way I am sure it will have a unique design, you know Lotus Elise, but with an electric motor. Official press release click read more.

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